What Is The Difference About Kimono And Yukata

There is a difference between a kimono and a Yukata.

A kimono is more traditional than the yukata. The yukata is more casual than the kimono one. Actually, the kimono’s fabric is made out of silk or brocade. The yukata fabric is made out of cotton. The kimono is bought to be worn year round. The yukata is bought to be worn in summer or hot spring. Mostly men and women wear kimonos but mostly women wear yukatas. Kimonos are more expensive than yukatas. When wearing a kimono, socks have to be worn but when people wear yukata you don’t need socks. However, ………… both of them have an important rule, you have to wear the left panel over the right panel and both men and women can wear these clothes.


How To Make Sushi


Nori seaweed (dried), Sticky rice, Inside toppings- Ex. tuna, salmon, crab, vegetables, Sauce, Water


Chop the vegetables into thin pieces. Next, flatten up the dried nori seaweeds. Dip your hands in the water so that the rice cannot stick to your hands. Put the rice in the middle of the nori seaweed and flatten the rice. Put in your inside toppings, but don’t put in too much or when you roll the sushi, you cannot roll it. Start rolling it gently. Serve it with a soy sauce.

Mount Fuji

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. Japanese people call it Fujisan (富士山). Mt.Fuji stands in the border between Yamanashi and Shizuoka. The clouds often block Mt. Fuji so that means that if someday the clouds aren’t blocking us we are lucky. You can climb Mt. Fuji. They often open the climbing in July and August. Mt. Fuji is about 12,389 ft. high and is on the west part of Tokyo. There are 5 lakes that are close to Mt.Fuji which is called “Fuji 5 lakes”. In Japanese they call the Fuji 5 lakes Fuji 5 mizūmi (富士5湖). At the top of Mt.Fuji, the temperature is very low. There is snow there and it is covered with snow almost the whole year. Mt.Fuji can explode so be careful. From Tokyo you can go to Mt.Fuji by bus, car, or trains. Mt.Fuji is very popular and people all over the world know about this mountain.


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