The choreographic intent was to entertain the viewer/audience. It was an upbeat musical theatre routine that really brought a positive but unique aspect to the piece. "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" had really conveyed its story well to the audience, as the lyrics, scene and movements played a significant roll in bringing the story alive. Mia Michaels did a great job in bringing this piece together.

The movement components selected are space and energy. The space was used wisely and significantly. There was use of levels, walking around the chapel, canons and lines. This was used to help contribute conveying the story and to help put the story across to the audience. The energy was up beat, unique and fierce, the dancers put strong, sharp movements which made the dance hard hitting during the dance break therefore it really helped convey the story to the viewer in the correct manner and structure as it successfully put the message across to the audience. Overall it was entertaining to watch, therefore meaning it had a successful outcome.

The non movement component structures used are set and costume. The set was in a chapel conveying the point of the 'goody two shoe' catholics that don't do anything wrong, or in other words 'sin'. They are portrayed to be woman who never break the rules. Their costumes are also giving off that vibe as they are in bright coloured, lady-like dresses which what a girl would usually wear to church for example, dresses that have coverage on the body and tight fitting. Therefore the end result had a great ending as these non-movement components really brought something to the piece.

Overall the dance was energised and fierce which helped the entertainment aspect of the piece. The story was conveyed successfully throughout. The audience really got the message on what the story was trying to tell the viewer on how the 'goodies' wasn't going to stand for anything less then great. The overall end result was fantastic and they really knew how to bring the performance alive.

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