Ducksters Topics By Park lanier

Ducksters first topic..... THE COLUSSEUM

There were underground passages were gladiators and animals would come up and fight

There was a covering around it called a velarium which covered people from the hot sun and rain

Second topic...... ROMAN BATHS

Some of the wealthy people would have their own baths in their homes

People would give water into the bath body carrying it from lakes and rivers

Third topic…... FAMILY LIFE

Some of the slaves the families had were treated poorly and whip sometimes, but some slaves were treated like family.

When Child was born, it was laid on the ground by the mother and if the father did not pick it up it would be laid out there to die

Fourth topic....... FOOD AND DRINK

People in Rome would eat three meals a day

Some strange foods that they ate were flamingo tongues, roasted Peacock, and stewed snails

Fifth topic..... ROMAN SLAVES

Slaves had many different jobs, some would work hard out in the field, and some would work depending on which skill they were good at, some would teach and some would craft things

Slaves were treated depending on how nice their own was, Some would be with her in someway be treated like family

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