Pop Art Book By: MaKenna Pearn

Last class we got this project in class that deals with pop art. I think pop art is okay. I'm not into very bright colors and that seems to be this entire genre of art. Also it's a lot of pop culture references and I'm not very good with that stuff. This project has already presented problems for me. We had to do the sketches last class which I have not finished because honestly I have no idea what to create. I made three sketches that are eh, they all are just a lot of work that require effort and energy I do not have to begin with. This project is a marathon and I hate running.

So I created one more sketch since last class. I technically need two more but I am out of creativeness. My head hurts just writing this. I have forgotten how to think I can barely write this journal entry and have it still make sense. I literally just reread the past two sentences because I wasn't even sure what I just wrote. Wish me luck today because it's already rough and it is only 10:30 in the morning.

Okay so I came into class and there is another project on the board? I am confused because we are on a current project so why are we starting another one. Today is not my day, it's a Monday so that could be a part of it; but also part of it is there are so many people talking it's making my head hurt. I am going to use this platform to complain so I don't in real life so I can keep my friends. I'm sorry you have to read it but for the greater good this is the relationship that we will have to have through my writing.

So here I am once again in art class. Tired again. My head is hurting again. You know the usual fun stuff that always makes me pumped to be here. Back to the project. I have made progress (cheers and hands clapping). I have drawn a lot of eyes, maybe I'll upload a picture once I can figure it out. Pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. I am really intrigued to see how it turns out.

What a wonderful day to be in crafts, it is the last class of my Friday and I'm ready to go. We are working on our covers for the project and they need to be done by the end of class. Which is going to be a little unrealistic for me because I am working with paints so it's going to taking some time. Hopefully this turns out well, in all honestly I'm afraid to use too much color because it gets really overwhelming for me. For example, I only dress in neutrals and my entire room is gray so.....it's really reflecting in this work. Fingers crossed this turns out well.

I have taken two naps today. One in first period and the second in husky time. Today has already been a success. But because I have slept so much my brain is a little slow so I'm going to need like 30 minutes to really get started and feel kind of okay. Also another con is everyone is talking so loud and just hearing their voices annoys me, but I'll look at it as a way to wake me up or else I will fall back asleep. I have moved onto the really big paper of the project. I kind of have an idea for it but I'm nervous I won't be able to execute it well. I'm just going to have to take that leap of faith and look at a lot of references. Wish me luck.

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