Education Access Violations

All throughout the world and mainly in the African continent and areas in Cuba suffer from the violation of the education programs not being able to produce knowledge to the youth of those districts. There are one billion children aged under eight years old in the world, more than 10% of the world’s population. The neglect of these children’s rights that was recorded by the Global campaign for education. 70 million children around the globe are prevented from gaining and education each day due to political and economic dysfunctions.

The routes being taken are mainly peaceful, with marches and boycotting. Other routes are even writing an informational passage on the internet that will be seen. Political Systems are severely affecting the process of education in the corrupt regions of Africa. In Cuba education access is being denied due to the recent election that evolved which brought bad politicians and a weak government. Areas like Iraq are surrounded by battling and fighting between Groups like Isis, which is a very demanding group would be very difficult to protest against for child education rights. But if dedicated enough the people can make a change in the society's choices that are affecting the lives of the people.

Future steps that have been taking a while to progress. Governments have been making deals and commitments to allegedly agreed by 164 governments in Dakar, Africa in 2000, and is affirmed as an individual right in numerous international and regional treaties. But the rights report reported that the goal has clearly not been met. But if the governments aren't making a change, the next step is to resort to the people, the ones who have the most say and can make the biggest difference in a society with peaceful protest and many other ways to be recognized.


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