Bob the water droplet By Christopher Foister

My incredible journey as a water molecule started in the glacier. I had been accumulating in the glacier for a hundred years now. The sun was beating down on me like a microwave for the earth. When all of a sudden everything started to melt And I was flowing the mountain down a run off into the river. This has never happened to me so I went around asking "What happened?" and "Where are we?" But nobody seemed to know. Until I came up to one water droplet and asked "Where are we?" And he responded "We are in the river." "Ohh that makes more sense now!" I exclaimed I was so excited I was separated from my friend Bob when I was in the river once. I went to the glacier and he stayed in the river maybe I could find him here. I asked the water droplet "Have you seen anybody with the name of Bob." "No he responded sorry I don't have all the answers." When all of a sudden I started to evaporate and feel very light when I started to lift into the clouds then I lifted into one.

And then I stared to fall onto the soft inside of the cloud where I saw tons of water other droplets when I realized I was in a cloud! But I also knew that all water droplets have to fall back from the clouds eventually. So I wondered inside of the cloud for a few hours marveling at the beautiful cloud when, I started to condense and started to feel heavier and I started to precipitate out of the cloud and into onto the glacier with a plop.

I was inside of the glacier waiting to be taken into the clouds and for a few years I was in the glacier. When all of a sudden I felt lighter and I had experienced this before but nothing ever like now where I was going to the clouds straight from the glacier and then I remembered Bob told me a long time ago that sometimes water droplets go strait from ice or to the glacier to the clouds which is called sublimation so I sublimated into the clouds.

As I floated into the air and towards the clouds I could see miles around the view from here was amazing the peaks of mountain jutting into the clouds the lakes and the ocean reflecting the brilliant light of the sun onto me then I broke into the cloud and landed on it. "That was the best view I've ever had!" I said when sadly started to feel heavier and new I was condensing again and I fell into the river! Instead of the glacier for once. I was in the river which is better than the glacier when I saw Bob this was the best I didn't go back into the glacier and i found Bob I yelled at the top of my lungs "Hey Bob!" He turned around and he smiled and came walking towards me we then started a conversation catching up as I did not have much to tell because it was in the glacier the whole time he told me about the. Lake and the ocean and all the places he's been when we started to feel light and started to float into the clouds once again.

We went into the clouds as usual and then we precipitated and we fell into the glacier but, not as normal I had somebody to talk to. So it wasn't as boring we talked and eventually we went into a run off and into the river where we had a good time and swam and did the normal stuff you would do at a river. When we started to go into a run off which is weird because where would the run off lead and we then went into the lake.

The lake was amazing their was so many water droplets in one place I had never seen so many it was like a mini version of the ocean with fish and plants on the bottom I gazed at the lake but Bob was not because he has been here before. And we lived at the lake happily ever after.

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