GCSE Art & Design Unit 2 - COLLABORATION with harewood house

Harewood House Project

This second unit of work will be a collaborative project with Harewood House. Before you go any further, visit the Harewood House website to gain a little more information about this amazing place.

Harewood sits at the heart of Yorkshire, one of the Treasure Houses of England. The house was built in the 18th century and has art collections to rival the finest in the land in the setting of Yorkshire’s most beautiful landscape. There are exhibitions of contemporary art, an award-winning educational department, renowned Bird Garden and over 100 acres of exquisite gardens for visitors to explore and enjoy.

For this project we have access to Harewood House to help you develop your ideas. To help you along the way we have identified key areas of possible outcomes and focus for you to consider. Take a little time to think about how you as a developing artist could engage with Harewood House. Below are some starting points for you to consider with a range of outcomes which would suit this collaboration. We are approaching this project as it would be in the real world by an artist, designer or photographer. These practitioners already work with Harewood House in many different ways and we hope this presentation will help guide you towards an appropriate outcome. We will be visiting Harewood House and you will take part in workshops to help you gather and develop resources.

Possible ideas and areas you can explore

All these areas lend themselves to this project. Harwood House has many different aspects to the facilities and experiences their visitors will have once they arrive. Your job is to consider how you as an artist or designer want to develop work in collaboration with Harewood.

Painting, Drawing & Sculpture

Jacob Epstien - Adam

Harewood House holds regular art exhibitions and these include both contemporary and historical work. As an artists you could collaborate with Harewood by producing work on a theme which utilises the space that Harewood is built in, such as landscapes, architectural images, images of people, installations or a 3-Dimsional response.


Rear gardens

Harewood is built in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Yorkshire. It has a very impressive structural build and well designed gardens. As a photographer collobourating with Harewood you could produce a series of fine art photographs, a series of informative images to be utilised on their website or promotional material, signage around the environment or used on a range of products and gifts.

Graphic Design

Harewood Wedding services brochure

Harewoods is a rich resource and has many diffident and exciting facilities, exhibitions, events and experiences for its visitors. Communicating this both visually and through written information is a full time-job. The work of the graphic designer is to interpret all of this in a eye-catching, engaging and accurate way which will promote Harewood and all it has to offer. Respecting and incorporating the Harewood House branding is essential to maintaining a clear and consistent message.

Product Design

Gift shop

Harewood House, like all stately homes and visitor attractions prides itself on providing a whole host of experiences for its visitors including cafe's, bird gardens, special events, corporate facilities, gift shops, tours and guides of the house, adventure playground, the list goes on. These all provide a rich opportunity to sell a range of associated products to visitors. The well established branding for Harewood is reflected in much that they offer. Your job as a product designer is to collaborate with Harewood to develop attractive saleable products which are stylish, functional, interesting, innovative and most of all desirable.

Other ways you could collaborate with Harewood House

Beautiful landscapes 

There are so many ways you could work with Harewood House to develop an exciting, real life project, just like many artists and designers have before. Your job is to utilise this experience and see just what it would be like if this was your job in the future. We look forward to seeing what you produce. Areas you could consider include, interior design, textile design, ceramics, fashion design, film, interactive learning tools, typography, maps, web design, app design, book design, architecture etc etc the list is endless

Good luck - we are excited to see what you will achieve!

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