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Who are we?

Founded in 2018, Vue Vixens is a 501(c)(3) public charity led by CEO Jen Looper, CTO Michele Cynowicz, and Worldwide Community Organizer Diana Rodriguez.

Vue Vixens is a program that aims to promote gender diversity within the Vue.js community. We are specifically focused on promoting people who identify as women, helping them learn Vue.js to build web and mobile apps. We partner with technical conferences to provide free workshops for attendees and community members either for a full-day or for mini three-hour classes, which we call 'skulks'. Our skulks are presented as self-driven code labs and can be found here.

We also engage the community in other ways, including crafting full-day conferences such as Vue Vixens Day Argentina, and we provide support to our local chapters which are led by chapter leaders around the world.

We mentor people who identify as women both on social media including our Slack channel, via our newsletter, with personal interactions via our chapters, and at conferences. Our goal is to boost the number of women-identifying people who attend and speak at technical conferences, help mid-career and senior women stay engaged by learning new technologies, and helping new developers enter the workforce.

Find us online at VueVixens.org.

How to get involved

If you identify as a woman, you are welcome to join in our workshops. If you don't, you are still welcome to participate by mentoring during these events. Our chapters are equally women-focused. We also are happy to accept code contributions for our online content from everyone interested in our mission. We also have a Patreon and are pleased to accept tax-deductible contributions that help defray chapter expenses.

If you would like to sponsor us, there are several ways to do this. To sponsor Chapter activities, please contact a chapter leader in your area. To sponsor our global organization, we have two 'pots' of funds, one for incidentals and chapter expenses, and one for our scholarship fund, to help defray expenses for women to attend technical conferences. We offer several levels of sponsorship, and you may choose which percentage of your gift will go into which 'pot':

Platinum: $5000 or more per year.

Gold: $2000 - $5000 per year.

Silver: $1000 - $2000 per year.

Software sponsor: Gift us with a software subscription.

Patreon sponsors: Community members are welcome to donate via our Patreon.

Some statistics from 2018

  • Patreon Patrons: 12, $125/mo
  • Slack members: 284
  • Twitter followers: 2572
  • Meetup members: 83
  • Blog stats: 1039 reactions, 54,134 views
  • Chapters: 14 worldwide
  • Events completed in 2018: 30
  • Women directly impacted by our project in meetups and skulks: 500+
  • Chapter leaders: 23
Vue Vixens Worldwide Chapters

Please use our logo and any graphical or photo assets from our website or social media feeds with our permission. Contact us at info@vuevixens.org. More official artwork can be found online.

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