The Benefits & Barriers to reflective Practice Day 2 assignment 5

Reflective Practice is "a process by which you: stop and think about your practice, concioiusly analyse your decision making and draw on theory and relate it to what you do in practice"

The purpose of reflection is to make you a better DL practitioner by looking back at the process of delivery and amending it from the feedback you recieve externally or from your own self feedback method.

It is a method to learn from experience and is a skill within itself, to have the ability to be able to progress from your reflection to become a better Practitioner will take time and honesty from delivery reflections.

The Benefits of reflective practice in delivering Digital Literacy learning.

Benefit 1 - it allows us to explore theories and apply them to real life experiences, for example you could look at a tool, technique or technology to deliver a topic on, in theory it works but in reflection did it have the impact you were expecting and would that tool be best to use in the same situation again or maybe replaced with a different tool, technique and technology of delivery

Benefit 2 - It is a form of sharing progression and idea's within a given environment through collaboration and understanding of different systems, it allows time to share ideas in a busy lifestyle and learn from other peoples experience of the delivery and the resources used.

Benefit 3 - It allows the professional to become more of an expert within the digital literacy field. Not only are you looking at your delivery concept but you are always analysing the good and bad parts to the field making sure that you embrace the neccessary changes such as using a new tool for delivery. It helps us as practitioners to develop from a beginner to an expert in our field to ensure we take on all the daunting aspects and critically apply them to change our delivery for the better.

Barriers and Challenges to using reflective practice in delivering Digital Literacy learning

There are many challenges to using reflective practice but at all times we must remember the importance and impact that reflection has on a Practitioner when delivering Digital Literacy Learning

Challenges &Barrier.

Constraints of time and the time needed to complete the reflection can be more difficult to fit in than the actual session itself. Time should be given to reflection and should form part of the Digital Literacy lesson plan.

Self motivation can also be a challenge and barrier as the fact that you are critically looking at your delivery of Digital Literacy and having to develop from that instead of just delivering the same session again can be a barrier. Motivation should be gained through the realisation of how through reflection you become an expert in your field as you are constantly changing and developing with time, this is ever so important with the Digital Age as without reflection then you can be left behind and miss opportunities to embrace new aspects.

The psychological barrier and fear of judgement by being closed to feedback is a callenge to overcome as a Digital Practitioner. Fear of being criticised and having negative comments can lead to the Practitioner swaying away from feeback. to overcome this the Practitioner should always feel comfortable with the person/people giving feedback. They should have trust in the feedback they ask for and embrace that feedback to know that they can reflect and put into practice the knowledge or methods of change that have been suggested. It should be engaging and allow for development not a constaint in professional progression. Always ask mentors or experienced people for feedback until you are confident enough with your own ability to trust your instict with generalised feedback from large groups.

Have faith in the reflection and put into practice your thoughts and feelings to allow you to grow and become the best in your field to influence as many people as possible in their development of Digital Literacy Learning. Be open and comfortable to criticsim as it will only make you a more experienced Professional.
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