Langley Park School for Girls Newsletter October 2018

Message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents/Carers,

My first half-term at LPGS has flown by and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet students, parents, staff and many prospective students and their families. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many parents that have engaged in really useful conversations about the strengths of the school and how we can take it to the next stage of development. I would also like to thank the staff and students who have given me such a warm welcome.

Key Stage 3 Celebration Assembly

Key Stage 3 students have ended their half term with an assembly that celebrates the achievements, progress and contributions of all students. The focus was all about being kind to oneself (self-compassion), resilience and recognising those that have had particularly successful half terms, not just in terms of excellent performance, but also progress and improved attitude and application. A renewed focus on the house system has begun and students will be helping to shape that work through the student council.

Duke of Edinburgh

Due to an overwhelming interest from Year 10 students, the capacity available for the expeditions has been expanded so that all students who want to participate, can. This means that this year more LPGS students than ever will be undertaking this challenge and benefitting from the learning and growth that occurs.

Independent Catering

From after half term there will some changes to the arrangements to catering.

  • Seating will be provided for breakfast and break time in the main dining area.
  • An additional till point will be added over the course of next half term to reduce queuing times.
  • A breakfast promotion will run so that the sixth breakfast is free.
  • The range of breakfast options will be expanded.
  • Those students who are in receipt of free school meals will be able to spend this allowance at break, as well as at lunchtime.
  • Finally, in an attempt to reduce the amount of disposable items we use, Independent Catering have agreed that students who bring their own bowl / tub will receive a 5p discount and those that provide their own fork, spoon or spork (no knives) will receive a further 2p discount. The 5p plastic bag charge has had a real impact on people's shopping habits, and whilst the monetary value is relatively small, it may encourage us all to consider the real cost of disposable plates and cutlery.

Timings of the school day

From Tuesday 30th October 2018, registration will be at the start of the day from 8.30am. The new timings of the school day will be as follows:

  • 8.30am - 9am Tutor Time / Assembly
  • 9am - 10am Period 1
  • 10am - 11am Period 2
  • 11am - 11.20am BREAK
  • 11.20am - 12.20pm Period 3
  • 12.20pm - 1.20pm Period 4
  • 1.20pm - 2.10pm LUNCH
  • 2.10pm - 3.10pm Period 5
  • 3.10pm Dismissal


The PTA provides an invaluable source of fundraising and also supports school events in a variety of ways. We are looking for a new chair of the PTA, and a new vice chair. There would be support available and there are willing volunteers to run events, but no-one currently involved has the capacity to be chair or vice chair. If you would consider doing this, please contact vr@lpgs.bromley.sch.uk to arrange a time to talk through what it might be like to be involved – no obligation!

I very much look forward to the first MAT wide staff professional development day on Monday 29th October and seeing the students returning after half term, on Tuesday 30th October.

Ms Katie Scott, Headteacher

GCSE Exam Results
Proud of our 2018 GCSE students

This week the government have published data on 2018 GCSE exam results. Please click here to see the LPGS performance data page.

We are once again extremely happy with the results which put us amongst the very highest performing non-selective schools in London. The excellent progress of our Year 11 students is represented by the Progress 8 score of +0.57. We are pleased to note that this positive level of progress is consistent across the academic ability range of all the girls. These results are testament to the hard work and effort from students and staff throughout the year.

The page contains other useful data about LPGS and also allows you to search and compare us to other schools locally.

Please follow on Twitter @LPGSgcse for regular updates and GCSE news.

LPGS students volunteer in Malawi

Over the summer, 28 students travelled to Malawi for four weeks. They camped in four different locations around the south of the country.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world

Students have been involved in different community projects such as transforming stables into a classroom, making black boards for schools for remote communities, making briquettes to help with the issue of deforestation, painting a community library and classrooms.

LPGS students helping the communities
Malawi relies heavily on foreign help
Malawi has a lack of education especially for girls

They trekked for four days and went up Monty Mulanje the highest peak in Malawi.

LPGS students visit Monty Mulanje
The average life expectancy in Malawi is 45 years of age

They were immersed in nature and have overcome many challenges which demonstrated incredible resilience and an amazing team spirit. Well done to all participating students!

Deforestation is a growing problem as trees are cut for timber
More than 80% of Malawi's population live in rural areas
Malawi has a lack of education especially for girls
Feeling proud
LPGS Open Day 2018

Thank you to all the staff, students, parents and carers (those current and prospective) for all your support at the LPGS Open Day held on Saturday 29th September. Enjoy the footage taken from the day!

Spanish and French song competition

At the end of the Summer term, Year 7 Spanish and French classes put together all of the language they had learned and turned it into lyrics of a popular song.

The classes worked together to write their lyrics and performed their songs in the Hall in front of their peers and the judging panel made up of Sixth Form language students. The judges were so impressed by all of the groups, not only for their fantastic lyrics but by their energy and dance moves.

Well done to Señorita Mahiques’ group who won for Spanish and Madame Galbert’s group for French!

Year 7 Spanish and French classes come together in song
Media and Drama visit the National Theatre and Escape Studios

An account by Anika P, Student

We extremely enjoyed the Media and Drama trip yesterday to the National Theatre and Escape Studios. Firstly, we saw the National Theatre which was incredible. We were able to explore the different theatres, as well as get backstage experience and see props and sets being designed. I found this especially interesting and helpful because a lot of the knowledge we found out will be particularly helpful for our written Drama exams. The theatre is extremely beautiful and just a lovely place to be in.

We then went to Escape Studio which was really fun because we got to create and bring to life a flag using visual effects. This was a real eye opener for me because I never actually considered myself doing visual effects but I found out that I truly like it and am now considering a future in visual effects!

Road to South Downs 2018

By Anthonia E, Rianne C, Emmanuelle F

On Friday 10th August, the three of us set off in search of South Downs via bicycle. The journey was supposed to be 3 hours and 45 minutes. We planned to camp in a campsite for 3 days. We were extremely excited because, as a group, we had never embarked on such an experience whereby everything planned was our own idea. Also, we had seen pictures of South Downs and it looked absolutely beautiful - a complete contrast to our usual scenery in London.

We set off for our journey at around 10am on the Friday morning.

Anthonia E, Rianne C, Emmanuelle F

We used our maps as guidance but navigated with our phones also. Everything was perfectly fine and it was extremely enjoyable riding freely through the streets. We were all filled with energy and adrenaline. We cycled through roads that we had never seen before and explored a completely new scenery. All was well until it began to rain an hour into the journey! We remained determined, despite the ferocious rain. We encouraged each other to push on, especially with the challenge of cycling uphill which was strenuous on our muscles. We supported each other especially as fatigue started to affect us.

After nearly 8 hours, an extremely long journey, we finally arrived at the campsite. It was dark. Our next challenge was to set up our own tent! We made a fire and used torchlights to follow the instructions. After an hour of scrambling in the cold night, the tent was up!

Southdown Way Campsite

The first night was freezing cold, and our muscles ached incredibly. There were several moments when we thought that we would be unable to continue as we were extremely tired.

The beautiful view of South Downs

Across the next two days, we cycled around South Downs and visited a project occurring in the area. This experience had its ups and downs. We are so grateful to have experienced such an amazing opportunity because, not only did it strengthen our friendship (through the motivation and encouragement that we gave to each other), it gave us life skills. We cannot stress enough how much this journey has shaped us. We did things that we never thought we could and we were surprised at our sheer determination and resilience. The most amazing part is that we learnt so much about ourselves.

Super Science!
Year 10 have been preparing posters on key definitions: here is a terrific example from Emily B
Vocab Express League of Champions - LPGS reach the top 5 again!

Once again LPGS reached a spot in the top 5 schools globally who take part in the League of Champions on Vocab Express. Vocab Express gives students the chance to learn new vocab in German, French and Spanish and test themselves on their skills.

Well done to all our students who took part and especially our top 5 highest scorers:

  1. Sarii Hutchinson
  2. Natasha Agyare
  3. Megan Jones-Mitchell
  4. Emily Algeo
  5. Zosia Ledwidge
LPGS A-Level Law Students visit The Old Bailey

On Thursday 20th September Year 12 A-Level Law students visited the Old Bailey. They observed part of a murder trial, the sentencing hearing for street selling of drugs and the inquest for the Westminster Bridge terror attack last year. Here they are with their one word reflections the next day

One word reflections of the day
LPGS students at the Old Bailey
School Physicist of the Year Award

In July both Saskia C in Year 11 and Sophie P in Year 8 were the recipients of the School Physicist of the Year award. They were both invited to an awards ceremony at UCL were they had a lecture from the Professor of Physics and received their certificates and prizes. Well done to both from the Science department, especially from Mr Small and Miss Keogh.

Saskia C and Sophie P
October is Black History Month

KS3 students are celebrating Black History month this October, by researching the experience of black people throughout different periods in history.

Year 13 History students attended a conference on Black History.

'The conference was a unique opportunity that opened our eyes to different aspects of history that we don’t often get to study’

Student 13C/Hi1

Celebrating black culture at LPGS

On Thursday 17th October LPGS Language Department held a party at lunchtime to celebrate black culture in our school with food and drink, music and dancing. Many students entered the “rice-off” competition and made a traditional rice dish to present to the judging panel. The judges were very impressed and we clearly have some future chefs among us! Well done to the winners, Jess in Year 10 and Victor in Year 13. Another well done to Tunmininu and Demi in Year 11 for organising a great celebration!

Winners of the "rice-off" competition, Jess in Year 10 and Victor in Year 13
LPGS Music Tour Band

The LPGS Tour Band were hard at work during Open Day, held on Saturday 29th September. Students are rehearsing twice a week after school in order to prepare for the annual Music Tour at the end of October to Bratislava and Vienna. They will be performing three concerts whilst abroad and will squeeze in some trips to some historic sites including Mozart's House!

Rivers of the World exhibition at the Oxo Tower

On 5th September 2018 Mr Fox Joyce, Head of Visual Arts, was invited to speak at the private view for the latest Rivers of the World exhibition at the Oxo Tower in London. The exhibition demonstrated the wonderful creative work achieved by a group of LPGS Year 9 students and a number of schools in London, across the country and in many other countries. After the Oxo Tower show, the work moved to the Boathouse Creative Studios in Barking from the 19th to 29th September; in addition the work travels to other areas around the country.

The LPGS Library's Spooky... Scary... Halloween Party!

The Autumn half term just wouldn’t be the same without the Library’s Halloween Party for Year 7 and Year 8 students.

Members of the English Department set the mood for all sorts of spookiness, as girls braved the cobwebs and pumpkins to take part in fun competitions … anything from Wrapping the Mummy to creating spine-chilling Halloween Limericks.

Partygoers also found time to browse Books with Bite, win lots of prizes and, needless to say, eat a great many cakes too!

Bumper Book Fair for Year 7 and Year 8

There was fantastic support from Year 7 and Year 8 students for the Library Book Fair this month.

Girls had the opportunity to buy the latest fiction and some classics too, together with posters and fun stationery.

Thank you to everyone who placed orders, which generated an incredible £1,000 in commission for us to spend on new books for the Library.

Wise Children Theatre Trip

By Lucia M, Drama student

On Monday 15th October, Year 12 and 13 Drama students travelled to The Old Vic Theatre to see the production of ‘Wise Children’. We found it to be hugely entertaining with elements of comedy throughout. The story follows two sisters, beginning on their 75th birthday and working backwards through their lives, and their family history. We were familiar with the director's work, Emma Rice, as she has worked with Kneehigh, a piece we have studied and used in class. Overall, we really enjoyed seeing the production and were inspired to take away useful ideas!

Year 12 and Year 13 Drama students outside the theatre
The Queen's Walk

To find out more about LPGS student's Chloe M and Rafia T's photography project, visit the Mark Evison Foundation website. Find out 'their story, in their words....'

Chloe M and Rafia T's photography project
LPGS are proud to be a Music Mark School member

LPGS have been recognised by the local Music Service/Hub for the value we have placed on Music.

We are delighted to announce that LPGS are now a Music Mark School member.

We would like to thank everyone for all their hard work to ensure that LPGS students are able to access and engage with a high-quality Music education.

Music Mark quote:

"Music Mark works to enable our members, and the wider Music education sector, to deliver high quality musical and social outcomes for all children and young people. My thanks for all that you are doing and will continue to do to support our collective vision."

Daniel Lane, Interpreter for Arsenal FC talks to LPGS students about careers in languages

Daniel Lane, interpreter and translator, came to speak to Year 11 about A-Levels and future careers in languages. Daniel interprets for Unai Emery, Arsenal manager, and also translates for various Italian football teams. He studied Spanish at GCSE and A-Level and took a degree in Spanish and ab initio Italian. He then went on to do a masters in interpreting and translating at the University of Bath. He has worked in Russia on the World Cup and travelled with Arsenal to countries such as Azerbaijan and Singapore to interpret at press conferences and media events.

Choosing an A-Level in a language is ideal if you want a facilitating subject that offers you a range of career possibilities and is a lot of fun along the way. A-Level language courses are fascinating and varied and give you a broad range of knowledge and skills that will help you at university and beyond. Even if you don’t want to eventually go into languages as a career, they will help you in a variety of fields such as business, fashion, media, diplomatic service and journalism to name a few. Remember, only 38% of the British population can speak another language; make yourself stand out!

LPGS Year 12 Induction Day 2018

Welcome to all our Year 12s who started the year very enthusiastically. Here are a few photographs taken from the day.

Year 12 Induction Day, September 2018
Online Safety

Latest press specifies that more than half of parents are unaware of the age limit on social media.

New figures suggest parents don't know if their children are old enough to use social networks like Facebook or Snapchat.

Find out more via the NSPCC website.

Teacher Training Developments at LPGS

LPGS teachers are now having many more opportunities for collaboration through working groups. The weekly Friday morning teaching & learning breakfast is a prime example where teaching staff gather together to discuss good learning practices. In addition to this, staff have been given time (30 hours) to pursue their personalised professional development goals.

These exciting changes will develop our teachers through working with multiple staff at LPGS.

The Macmillan World's Biggest Coffee Morning

Langley Park School for Girls participated in the annual fundraising event this term. Macmillan is a worth while charity providing cancer patients and their families with valuable support.

Many staff, both current and former, supplied cakes and biscuits, including home made ones. Ex teachers, Mrs Tagg and Mrs Newman, came in to help Mrs Ward on the day. A delicious range was on display in the staff room, where they were hungrily snapped up by staff at break with their coffees and teas. With so many donated, the remaining cakes were available for potential parents at the school's Open Day the following day.

Much money was donated and sent off to the Macmillan cancer charity.

A big thank you to everyone who supported this event.

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