the Elevator Felipe,Dimitri, Julie


The Elevator is about a boy by the name of Ben who unintentionally discovers a time travel elevator within his school. He begins to use it to get out of sticky situations he unintentionally gets himself into. Eventually Ben begins to use the elevator to test the limits of life and uses it not to undo accidents, but to undo the the dark twisted fantasies his soul has always wanted to fulfil.


The main character of this film is Ben and a major component to our film is his character development. Ben begins as an awkward guy with not many friends who tends to say things he shouldn't and unintentionally makes people feel uncomfortable. When Ben discovers the Elevator, this is why he is so happy about it. Ben finally has a solution to his problems of being such an awkward guy, he believes that if he messes up or makes himself look a fool he can simply just redo it all over again. But eventually Bens character begins to take a dark twist as he begins to fantasize about doing things on purpose...just to see what happens. This ability to do whatever he wants slowly turns Ben crazy and shows the transition of an innocent young boy to a somewhat mentally unstable human. His character development supports the theme of human psychology and if we truly have good morals or if we are simply forced to construct these morals through laws and societal standards.

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