What is it to be a Sneakerhead?

Being a Sneakerhead consist of constantly buy shoes either for the hype or for theĀ resell game. Many may see this hoarding but in fact its all for that passion and strong appreciation for shoes. Collecting sneaker does involve a lot of money to be spent because most of the time shoes that you may want sell out and the only way to get that sneaker is to buy it for the resell price. Being a sneaker can be hard sometimes when it comes to having money, but in the end when you have money saved up for that sneaker you really want it becomes all worth it.

Benefits to becoming a Sneakerhead

A lot of money may be involved in collecting sneakers, but if you can get hyped shoe for retail, then you are winning already. In other words you are getting that "W" (sneakerhead talk). The reason why winning shoes in retail price is beneficial because it allows you to resell the shoe for a greater price. This allowing you to gain a great amount of profits. For example, I can stay up all night for a shoes release of an yeezy 350 v2, that retails for $220 and once getting my hands to a pair of those shoes. Then I can call people that are interested and sell them the shoe for almost $2,000. With just this one shoe you are already gain a profit of $1,780.

Short story: Living a Life of a Sneakerhead
It is a nice sunny day, perfect to wear any hype sneaker. Russ and Qais both had a YouTube channel, that is worked by both of them. Russ usually is the one who is behind the scene recording and editing the videos uploaded on YouTube. Qais the one who comes out on the videos, usually always being recorded on his daily life and shoes. Both Russ and Qais had a big event to go to, Los Angeles Sneaker Con. Their plan is to their yeezys 350 v2 Zebras and to show up to Sneaker Con two hours before it open to the public because they need to set up there stand. For this specific Sneaker Con they had Los Angeles merchandize. People would defiantly would go crazy and sell out in a matter of time. But as always its first come first served, its all on being a sneakerhead and living everyday with the hype in your mind.
This photo demonstrates my shoes that have dreamed of having. The significance of this image is to present how there is no right or wrong sneaker you are allowed to like and not be a sneakerhead because at longest you have that passion and heart for shoes, then you are a sneakerhead.

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