8 Things to Know about being in Props Crew By Connor McGee

1. Your Space and You

The First and most important beginning thing to know about being apart of a props crew is that your space is very very limited, more often than not you are going to be working with whatever you've got. Things are expensive and so are props so having to turn some spare foam into an iPhone may be something you'll have to do.

2: This is a very Big commitment

Before joining any sort of theater crew, you must understand just how big of a commitment you are making. Joining a crew means that you are telling your crew and your theater company that you will be giving them your time and effort into creating an amazing show and show experience no matter the circumstances

3: Props crew will either become your second family or you'll hate it.

In the crew everyone in your crew or in this case props crew is your family, you spend so much time with this group of people that if you dont like them then there goes any chance of you having fun within this project, You eat, work, and some times sleep with this group so at this point they are your props family.

4: Actors are your ENEMYS!!

What is an actor? Some people believe that they are there to act within your show, but I see them as prop destroyers. Did you make a sword? Actors broke it. Did you build a couch? Actors broke it. Everything you make and build must be actor proofed because they will break anything.

5: You have Homework? Too bad

Finding time to do homework when your on a crew is one of the hardest things to do, you are in your props area during most of your time so the thought of finding time to do homework is very difficult, but when you can find the perfect combo between props and homework thats when you know you are the perfect propie.

6: Eating Healthy is a thing of the Past

7: Say Goodbye to Freetime

8: It is not worth it

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