MY food DIARY It is food diary from homeless....

I had for breakfast air with the water, because im sleeping long time...
For lunch I had a slice of bread, because I found it under the tree.....

Do you ask why I had bread ?????? Ok I say to you my story... I was little and I found fathers PC.... And now I have no money because I bought a lot of games..

For snack I had strawberries, because god was mercy to me and I found them in a snowy forest...
And for a dinner I had cracked egg, because someone threw it to me.... thank you :333

Okey it was my diary.... I hope you enjoyed it, because that was KAPPA ( lie ) :D

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Donald Trump


Created with images by katerha - "Egg" • MartinStr - "air bubbles diving underwater" • Wounds_and_Cracks - "bread slice whole wheat" • Amy Loves Yah - "Strawberries" • Stacy Spensley - "cracked egg"

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