Week 1 Renaissance Faire 2017

First Annual Topic Draft

April 11, 2017

And we've officially begun the Renaissance Faire!

This year, instead of assigning topics to students, we opted to mix it up a bit. We wanted the students to have more ownership over their topic (since they'll be working on this project for over a month), and to get excited about the Faire. So during Project Block on Tuesday, we crammed all the eighth grade students into the auditorium, and had a topic draft.

Anxiously awaiting his number to be called, while trying to eat a pencil.
This group waited the longest. #LastPick #TheirNumberWasNotInTheBucket #oops

Each group was assigned a number in class, and when their number was called (after it was pulled from a bucket by the very helpful Ms. Joyce), they had an opportunity to pick their topic. As we went through the groups, the list of topics shrank while the tensions grew.

Ms. Joyce circulates the audience and gets the kids involved
Your hosts, Mr. Rosenau and Mr. Charest

It was fun watching so many students get involved in what could be such a mundane task. There were proclamations of both joy and disappointment when numbers were called and popular topics were taken off the board.

All the topics that were picked were projected on the screen up front
Gotta be ready to go!

Now that the topics are selected, students can begin the next phase - research!


Beginning to Research

April 13, 2017

Today was the first day of researching. We went over what researching actually entail (finding valid sources, reading, taking notes, understanding the information, citing our sources, and sharing what was learned with the group), as well as learning how to use the databases available through the school.

Starting the research

Both digital and print resources being used

Yellow block hard at work

Candid picture?


What DOES research mean?!?

Billy Shakes group


Mrs. Arnold helped out, by ordering a bunch of books that the students have at their disposal to use in class. It's funny watching students navigate through printed media; many needed to relearn how to use an index or Table of contents page.

I'm looking forward to watching the students explore and learn more about their topics, and the Renaissance era as a whole.

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