Cyber-bullying is a type of bullying that stays with you forever and takes place online. It can happen on any console such as: phones, iPad's and play stations. There are many types such as: Harassment, outing, exclusion and masquerading.


Harassment is a type of cyber-bullying where a bully sends you mean or malicious messages online to you constantly, making you feel upset, lonely or unwanted.


Outing is a type of cyber-bullying where a bully shares personal or private messages or videos with friends of some one which could make you feel excluded or unhappy.


Exclusion is a type of cyber-bullying where someone is intentionally singling or leaving someone out from an online chat or group.


Masquerading is a type of cyber-bullying where a bully creates a fake identity . In addition to creating a fake identity, the bully can impersonate someone's friend and turn them against their friend by sending horrible and hurtful messages.

Good to know:

In a survey...

56% of people saw others cyber-bullied / feeling unsafe. 44% have felt unsafe or were cyber-bullied. 1 in 3 young people are cyber-bullied and most commonly are girls.

Advice and what you can do:

You should always tell someone if you are being cyber-bullied or if someone else is, before doing this you can block them first. Also, don't let it get to you and know you don't have to go through it on your own. I also advise you not to retaliate but instead talk to someone.


by Flo Year 5

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