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The purpose of the Tech Talk Walks is to (1) understand the range of instruction in the district, (2) to assess the implementation specific district goals, and identifying future instructional areas.

How it Works

Tuesday, Sept 19th:

We will develop a focus for our conversations that is connected to observable technology integration practices and objectives:

- Review of the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM).

- Review summer technology training objectives.

- Review instructional initiatives that need support.

- Identify and understand what's new in instructional tech and strategies.

Tuesday, October 17th

We will determine what we would like the Tech Talk Walks to look like and what to look for in each building. Through brainstorming and discussion, we will engage in activities that will help us fuse our objectives with the teaching practices that we see.

December, 19th, January 16th, and March 20th

We will gather in teams and conduct the Tech Talk Walks in 4- 6 classrooms throughout our district followed immediately by debriefing sessions to:

- Analyze observations to identify threads across all classrooms based on determined 'look fors'.

- Pinpoint take aways and identify future instructional goals

Matinga Ragatz, Instructional Innovation Consultant

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