Boys Varsity Basketball 2019 pre season

Boys varsity basketball started off their season on December fourth with a win against George Washington high school and have won two more games since.

"[The team's] main goal is to win a league title, and then the next step would be the witnesses championship. But in practice, our goal is to communicate, have good spacing and then play aggressively," varsity coach Matt Wright said.

Photo by Sahil Venkatesan

A majority of the seniors on the team have been work with coach Wright since their junior varsity days and are looking forward to their last year on the team.

Photo by Sahil Venkatesan

"I think having the opportunity to play with the same coach and same players for all four years is super important because it makes sure our bonds are really strong and our teamwork on the courts is affected by our relationships" David Aronson (12) said.

"Being able to grow with your coach...[and] not switching coaches, it helps a lot with chemistry and trust," Alex Harris (12) said.

"Playing in a competitive environment with not just two on two or one on one is really important because it really gets the team thinking about how we can use different plays or get us prepared for level of team defense and intensiveness in the actual games" said Aronson.

This season, more tactics such as five on five play and playing in a competitive area are being incorporated in practice to better prepare the players for possible game situations.

All photos by Sahil Venkatesan

By Saanvi Thakur and Sahil Venkatesan