First Grade Music January-April 2017

Our music curriculum

In First Grade, the students will be focusing on three main units:

  1. Musical Opposites
  2. Musical Patterns
  3. Musical Stories

Each unit will last about 3 months. Below are the enduring understandings that the students have been working on for our second unit.

Musical Patterns:

  • Music is made up of patterns
  • I can make up my own musical patterns
  • I can show musical patterns with my body, my voice, or an instrument

The musical activies in class

The first graders have been identifying patterns that they hear in various pieces of music. The students learned many different call and response songs. Through their singing, the students were able to differentiate between a response that is the same, called an echo, or a response that is different, just like a question and an answer.

When is comes to instrumental music (with out any singing), the first graders used different movements to represent the different sections of music. Families were invited into the classroom to see some of the music learning in action. It was during our Open Classroom that the students showed how they discovered the musical patterns through games.

Recently, the first graders have been created rhythm patterns using musical notation. The students have been using words to represent quarter notes and eighth notes. Finally, the students have been performing their composed pattern on various instruments.

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