NitrogenCycle circulates among the atmosphere and terrestrial and marine ecosystems that is converted into various chemical forms as it circulates.

Nitrogen Fixation: Process where in N2 is converted to ammonium.

Denitrification: Anaerobic process that is carried out by denigrating bacteria, convert nitrate to nitrate NO3-N2+N2O

Nitrification: NHy- NO3 Nitrate

Nitrogen Mineralization: Organic N- NHy amonium

Nitrogen Uptake: Ammonium NHy- Organic N

chemical reactions: nitrogen fixation: N2 ---> NH4 , denitrification: NO3 ---> N2 + N2O , nitrification: NH4 ---> NO3 , nitrogen mineralization: Organic N ---> NH4 , nitrogen uptake: NH4 ---> Organic N

components: inorganic: plants, water, animals organic: carbon, ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, animals

human impact: deforestation, urbanization, burning of fossil fuels

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