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As a university student, you may have been told time and again, how important referencing is for your coursework submissions.

So what is Referencing?

Referencing is a simple method to give credit for work or research that you have used in your coursework. It is also used to support your statements and make your work credible. For an in depth on Referencing, kindly go through the Referencing Guide on Moodle.

What style of Referencing do I need to know?

CU Harvard or Harvard - Coventry University

So, how am I going to go about Referencing?

That's very easy, just follow this simple guide on how to use this beautiful website called Cite This For Me.

Step 1 - Get on to Google (Your Best Friend!)
Step 2 - You can't miss it now, can you?
Step 3 - Welcome to this beautiful baby
Step 4 - Choose your Referencing Style
Step 5 - Make sure you've done this, otherwise kiss your academic rigour goodbye
Step 6 - Find quality references, as this holds a very great impact on your assignment. Try to get information from Industry Giants such as Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Apple, Cisco, and many more!
Step 7 - Find various forms of references, such as Journal Articles, Books, Videos and Websites. The extensive variety, will help you gain a better insight on the subject and helps provide additional credibility to your work.
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