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"Forget the mistake. And remember the lesson"

|all about me|

This is the best thing to remind yourself when you are trying to find a job that pleases you. Remember to follow your heart...


"Work hard and be proud of what you see"

|Job description|

*PayScale is linked down below to see the actual statistics of a becoming a nurse and its salaries
"Stop wishing, start doing"

|Monthy budget planning|

To figure out the budget for our family we can use my monthly paycheck. To do this you'll need just a few calculations:

  • Your total income
  • Tax amount
  • Social Security & Health Insurance (both of these are together), and
  • Your final net income

Here is my worked out calculations and my tax link:

Below is the link to see all of the taxes that will be taken out of my paycheck biweekly

My taxes:

I used the total of Federal, Fica, Medicare, State, Social Security, and Health Insurance to calculate my net income which is the total amount of my annual salary with those deductions divided by 26 to find the bi-weekly paycheck amount.

Proposed budget spending:

Here is an example of a budget if I used the lowest rate of expenditure:

As you can see I would have a lot left over for the rest of the month...

Here is an example of my budget if I used the highest rate of expenditure:

As you can still see here with my monthly income I will still have money left over even if I choose to use the highest expenditure.
"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground" -Teddy Roosevelt


Here below is the link to the house that Tom and I have chosen to be our perfect home in Lake Magdalene, Tampa, Florida. It is a four bedroom, 2 bathroom house with 2,473 sqft. It has a pool and a garage! Plenty of entertaining room, good amount of front and outdoor space for our two dogs to run around on, and plenty living space for our family!

Click the link below to see the house tour!

Why we choose the house?

  • The neighborhood has a central location within the suburbs. And this includes the amenities it offers which is the park, lake access, and party house (where we can through birthday parties, etc.)
  • The house has a pool in the back which allows us to be able to go swimming when ever were want!
  • The neighboring schools are really nice, but the charter schools that are near are very well rated! We would love to send our children there!
  • Lastly, since we are still located in Tampa that means that the ocean isn't that far away. Only a half an hour or hour away to get to a relaxing beach location.

Some drawbacks?

  • For one we will have to constantly take care of the landscaping or we will have to pay a company to do monthly lawn mows or landscaping fixes throughout the year.
  • The BUGS! Yikes, since we know how to handle bugs (at least a little) we might want to be prepared to treat for the bugs since we do live in a humid environment.
  • Lastly, we might want to renovate the house a little bit, but for now it has enough renovations to make living there too easy!

To understand a little bit more about the house you can view the pdf and see the house information before we look at the overall monthly costs!

House Paperwork (the fun stuff):

I did finally add the additional fee with the total loan amount! So we can buy this house!

Now that we have the house we will need to finish the loan amount and find out what our monthly payment will be so that we can see if we can afford this house payment. Below is all of my calculations:

Finally, we can look at utilities:

Most of the costs above are really subjected to change depending on our need for them and whether the season calls for it. Which allows us to be flexible with our budget!

Our total estimated monthly cost is going to be $4,398.31 or just $2,199.155 for just me.

With both of our salaries I believe this isn't a far stretch for us!

"This moment is more precious than you think"


When it comes to getting around everywhere here in Tampa, Tom and I like to just use one car. Us two have chosen to limit it to one car at the moment since both of us like to carpool with our coworkers when work or take turns driving each other to work with our crazy schedules and it just works!

For our car we choose and have just recently upgraded to the 2016 Nissan Rogue to get us around and our crazy children (and dogs). You can click the link below to see our car and its facts.

Our 2016 Nissan Rogue


  • Front and rear airbags
  • Dual moonroof
  • Premium sound system
  • Leather seats
  • 360 camera view (this includes rear-view camera and the surrounding cameras)
  • Bucket seats and seating for five individuals
  • Safety features: Child locks, Traction control, Stability control, and Blind spot indicator.

What we like about this car?

  • This SUV has seating for five which allows plenty of room for our two kids and room for our two dogs in the back hatch area.
  • It has very good gas mileage! Up to 28 for city driving and 33 mpg for highway driving which in the long run is very beneficial to us.
  • Numerous safety features are set throughout the vehicle. Blind spot detection and front impact dectection is just a few to list to protect everyone in the car.
  • A very cool sound system and moon roof are just the cherry topping to buying this car off of the lot.

Some downfalls?

  • The back end of the vehicle has comprised visibility which leaves room for an accident.
  • The 3rd row option is too small for any person wanting to sit in the back.
  • It scored poorly on government safety compared to the fact that IIHS named it a top safety pick.

With a car and any mode of transportation it requires you to make payment to afford the mode of transportation. Here is the calculations I have completed to see how much it will cost monthly for this.

Maintenance, Repairs, and additional costs calculations:

Here are my resources for gas insurance info and mileage info: https://www.valuepenguin.com/how-age-affects-auto-insurance-costs and https://inflationdata.com/articles/cost-of-living/cost-of-gas/average-cost-of-gas-per-month/

Car loan paperwork:

"One Day or Day One You Decide"

|Food Expenses|

Here I have set an example weekly food outlook for our family! Both Tom and I take lunches to work and that is where you see all the lunch ides and then I have calculated how much each week costs and what the monthly cost is. We like to make sure both of the kids and us are eating healthy and that we are only eating out at the most, 2 days of the week at most!

Below is the shopping list:
"Life is better at the beach"

|Clothing Expenses|

Tom and I like to make things simple when calculating our clothing expenses for each month. Besides buying clothes we are mostly using hand-me-downs. Most of the children clothing was donated to me by friends and family. To figure this out I used average prices that you can expect at Target since most of our shopping is done there and our local supermarket. You can find the link to target below. We also do have more room in our budget for extra expenses within this criteria.

I have rounded the totals for how much it will cost all together in one year for each type of item.
"The best is yet to come"

|personal Expenses|

We all understand how many random things we collect over time during the year so to make this part easy I have just set aside 3% of our monthly budget for this part.

"Don't call it a dream, call it a plan"

|Children & pets|

Here is just another expense we have to calculate into our monthly budget. Below are our calculations to find out how much our blessings cost!

So not TOO much!
"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination"

|All other expenses|

Of course the expenses seem to be never ending, but we do have to include the best of the expenses which include medical, credit, student, and retirement costs that will all factor in.

"No matter what happens in your life, always face it with a smile"

|Unforseen event|

OH NO! We have encountered a little hiccup and our motor went out on our washer. Here is how we will fix this into our budget.

The cost to fix this:

Using this resource I found that this bump will cost around $175- 250 dollars even before tax. Given that this does include the diagnosis we can expect the entire to be $270 dollars to fix this.

How will we fit this into our budget?

Using the knowledge of my budget we can fit this in by omitting some recreational spending and some other expenditure budget to fit this in.

Here is the link to where I found the solution for our issue:

"Not everything is fun, unless you have that mindset"


Finally before we do the FINAL calculations, Tom and I wanted to include some of our "typical" leisure activities and one celebration we will have in this month. Below you view the table and click the links to see what needs to all go into making sure we have room for this in our budget or we if have to dip into our budget.


  1. Seeing a movie
  2. Spend the day at the Amusement Park
  3. Spend the day at the beach


At the end of May it is Jeffrey's and Martin's Birthday!!! Together we are going to break down the costs and see if we have enough money!

After calculating these extra costs I do believe we have enough money to include this into our budget, but if we have to we can always dip a little into our savings.

Overall Entertainment Budget:

Here below is the table to review how we came up with this monthly estimate!

"Radiate Positivity"

|Final Budget|

Here comes the final verdict! Whether or not our family has come up with an appropriate budget that fits our family.

You can find all the values that I've listed in the table all throughout this presentation.

Did we do it?

After reviewing the table you can see that went over our budget by $521 dollars, but given that we have really centered this budget just on my salary for the year and we haven't included my husband's I'd say we are doing just fine if we have to occasionally dip into our savings to help pay for the unforeseen or for our family celebrations.

"If you try to be something you are not - you'll end up being nothing"


When this project started two weeks ago I knew it would take time and it’s taken every second of it to make sure everything was perfect. For this project, I created a dream family and set it in a location that I absolutely love. After deciding that I knew I needed to have an understanding on my career and the salary/ benefits that came along with it. With the understanding of a Labor & Delivery nurse I realized that I will make on average around fifty-six thousand dollars a year and with the calculations that followed it turn into $4,608.1 a month. Starting the research for this showed me that all the costs that go into being able to support a family.

Given that I have spent the last eighteen years under my parents support it’s an eye opening to what all goes into a monthly budget. With the final budget, all calculated together with housing, transportation, food, child expenses, etc. I came out too short ($521 dollars short) due to the unforeseen event of the washer motor going out on me and the huge celebration of my two children having their third birthday party. If I could change anything about the budget, it might just be how much money I spent on food and utilities that I could adjust throughout the months.

Overall, if I could go back and change anything it would be to make the entire project more interactive, because the adobe spark interface makes it interesting, but overall you are just reading what I have posted in a continuous flow, it would’ve been neater to do a blog post idea. Besides the way, I choose to present the information, I would have changed how I calculated clothing expenses, because it was very bland, but I guess you truly don’t know how much clothing you’ll purchase throughout the years and even guess the monthly amount.

Altogether, this project really helped me look at things with a better understanding and was very realistic. This has taught me to start paying attention to what I am purchasing and what is required to be paid each month and how I should calculate it when the time comes. I really enjoyed the amount of time this project took, because it really took time to be able to understand everything that goes into your budget and that all your money you will make will be going to other things, rather than just you, at the end of the pay day. Also, just wanted to thank you for proving this class as an option for me to take during senior year. Our high school does not have an option like this and this allowed me to open my eyes and see everything.

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