Technology in My Life Rose Young

I begin my day plopped down in my chair in front of a laptop. Unfortunately I do not get to sit there playing games, rather I tend to use it to write papers for my composition class.

When I get around to finally convincing myself to work on calculus homework to keep up my grades, I can only survive it with my calculator. If it weren't for that beautiful piece of technology I would be hopelessly lost.

All throughout the day I stay incredibly hydrated, first by tea then by water. My thermos manages to keep it well below room temperature, making every sip the slightest bit more refreshing.

A bus (and a very cool driver, I might add) transports me to forensics tournaments quite often. Without that bus or bus driver, we wouldn't have the opportunity to win so many trophies.

Without a sick, paint brushes, a table, or especially paint, I would never be able to win awards at art shows for my paintings. The evolution of painting technology has definitely let me reap the rewards, but I am no Van Gogh.

And lastly, I am forever grateful for the invention of the camera. Without which I would never have been able to get my picture taken next to this giant chicken and will now reminisce on this day until death does us part.


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