Ms. Jordan Elledge ED202 ePORTFOLIO, Fall 2016


Section One: Your Personal Education Philosophy

My name is Jordan Elledge, I have a big heart when it comes to working with children with and without special needs. I have worked with children for a little over four years now. I work with children who have special needs and children who do not. I love working with the children and their therapists along with their parents to get the children where they need to be. I feel very privileged and blessed to see these children succeed. I want to do my best and give these children the motivation to strive for even more success each and everyday. Children learn best in group settings and they thrive off of having fun while doing work. All children are capable of learning. My overall goal as a teacher is to strive to be my best for my students each and everyday and to make sure we are on the same page of understanding when it comes to covering materials. I want to offer to different learning materials for different individual learners.

Section Two: Your Educational Technology Philosophy

Educators are responsible for introducing technology in the classroom setting. We are to teach our students internet safety and how to use the internet tools safely and effectively in a classroom. We want to cover safety rules for our students safety and how they should handle an unusual or dangerous situation online. For teachers technology provides a variety of endless activities and projects for students. It allows teachers to seek other teachers out for ideas and talk about other ideas they have for their students. As a teacher I plan on using Educational videos to get children alert and motivated to learn as much as possible.

Part two

Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard One: Facilitate & Inspire Learning & Creativity

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Makey- Makey

When engaging in this kind of project, students are able to engage in learning and have experiences that advance their learning. They are able to show their creativity and their thinking skills. This project allows you to model your knowledge by sharing it with other colleagues and with your students. It gives students opportunity and experience face to face and virtually online.

Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard Two:Design & Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences & Assessments

Lesson Plan

A lesson plan corresponds with this standard because it allows you as a teacher to brainstorm and come up with ways of getting your students involved with technology that help them be even more creative and opened to even more resources in your classroom. You can introduce new lessons and plans by setting goals for your students achievements. You can come up with different activities to embrace all learning styles. Writing a lesson plan you can have this all planned out and written/typed up for your plans for your classroom.

Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard Three: Model Digital Age Work & Learning

While doing the iMovie students were able to follow the standard to which we were able to act out and use a new software. In making this movie we had to learn how to use iMovie along with our colleagues. We had to research standards to see what best applied to our theme we were given. We were using current digital tools. We used an iPad to do the iMovie. We were able to use technology within a class group activity.

Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard Four: Promote & Model Digital Citizenship & Learning

In the Digital Literacy Newsletter, it talks about Internet Safety, privacy and security, and importantly communications and relationships. Being able to make this newsletter, I able to model and teach all of these things to whomever reads my newsletter. This newsletter can teach students how to be respectful and mindful while online. It also talks about cyber-bullying and morals. We want to teach our students to stay safe while surfing the web and if something were to happen, how to handle the situation correctly.

Evidence of ISTE Standards for Teacher Standard Five: Engage in Professional Growth & Leadership

While Google Training for Educators we are learning what is being used around the world today in education. When participated in the training and becoming certified we are able to become of something even bigger. We can find other Educators and share ideas through Google. Most schools here locally are using Google Apps and teaching their students how to use it. Google Apps has so many things. It has Google Drive when is an unlimited space and any work you have in there is saved.

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