Pigeons By Connor

A pigeons head is smaller than a crabapple the feathers cover the whole body they have three claws legs are about four inches long
Birds reproduce by internal pertilization during which the egg is fertilized inside the female like reptiles birds have cloacaora exit and entrance for sperm to fertilize the egg from the female cloacaora
Pigeons eat grains worms fruit insects barriers seeds grasses vegetables
Pigeons live in cities, farms, towns, suburbs, and adapted to live with humans
Pigeons have different behaviour for fighting over females food and territory
Although the nature predator in cities towns and farms a man with millions of pigeons being killed in control operations the pergine falcon is the real predator in nature
Some interesting facts I learned is size of pigeon depends on the species large pigeons reach 19 inches and weight 8.8 pounds pigeons can have a blend of colours depending on it diet and habitat


Created with images by Mark Turnauckas - "Pigeon 2" • Alexas_Fotos - "city pigeon foraging dove" • TimOve - "The early bird gets the bun" • ell brown - "Highfield Road, Hall Green - pigeons on snowy roof" • Swami Stream - "Pigeon" • Pexels - "avian bird bird of prey" • Sean MacEntee - "Pigeon Eating"

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