Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Anne - Yves Senat

Nature on Display

the Butterfly Rainforest

This is appealing to me because of how peaceful and amazing it felt to be in the garden with a lot of freedom, beautiful butterflies and birds its totally different from being indoors. It captured my attention in the way the waterfall made it more natural in a way that I was in a real life nature tour. I learned that nature is a big part of our environment and we should do what ever we can to protect and preserve it. Even though we are evolving for the better, we should alway try to incorporate nature in everything that we do. The part that was enjoyable to me was that I was with my friend and we were able to enjoy the scenery together.

Nature and Ethics

Th e Natural History Museum allowed me to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends. I feel as if I was with my ancestors "La Isla EspaƱola" or Haiti before they were colonized by Spain and France. However, most of them were killed in the process. The exhibit in the museum was exactly like I studied it in the history books in Haiti during my time. Other people were amazed by the exhibit as well. They allowed visitors to connect with the museum by letting them take pictures so that they would remember the exhibit forever. This exhibit instilled an ethical responsibility in me, which is to always appreciate nature.

Nature and Human Spirit

Fossil Exhibit

Our ordinary life is basically go to school, work, eat, sleep and mostly TV. However going to the museum made me realize how different life was back then. People in the past were more active and at risk of certain struggles. This is because of how hard it was to live in the past. This exhibit helps us understand who we are by making us appreciate all the things we have. In the past people were living in houses made of branches and were happy. Now people are living in mice houses and are unsatisfied. Visiting the museum made me better appreciate all that I have and the majesty in the natural world.

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