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in the year 1951 the book catcher in the rye was written bye J.D. Salinger. In the book the author wrights a story about a teenager boy Holden Caulfield who runs away from his school Pencey to the big city New York because he thinks that it is fulled with a bunch of phonies and doesn't think there is anything left for him there. I think that Holden suffers from depression for many reasons. IN the book The Catcher in the Rye Holden Caulfield experience depression by exhibiting symptoms like thoughts of death and hopelessness.

thoughts of death

Some symptoms that Holden shows he is depressed is when he has thoughts of death. Holden was thinking that he was going to die and, that is a sing because in there search it says "In some cases, children, teenagers,and young adults under 25 may experience an increase in suicidal thoughts or behaviors". Holden is trying to cross the street but he doesn't think that he will make it across alive so he says to himself "Allie don't let me disappear"(Salinger 198). Holden keeps repeating this ever time he crosses the road. Holden thinks he is going to die so he is trying to have Allie try and save him but he can't because he isn't really three. That is one symptom that shows that Holden is experiencing depression. Holden needs moral support about this depression.

Feeling of hopelessness

Another sing that shows that Holden has depression is that he shows times when he feels hopelessness or sees the worst in things and doesn't think that there is any hope. In the research it says "feeling of hopelessness or pessimism". Another example is when Holden is walking trough the park when he is drunk and says " It thought i'd get pneumonia and die" (Salinger 154). Holden is going trough a rough time and he isn't having any hope or trying to solve any of his problems he just tries to take the easy way out and just run away. It is adversity that Holden ran away in the winter because it is cold out side.


In J.D Salingers book The Catcher in the Rye Holden suffers from depression Holden has depression by showing symptoms like having thoughts of death and feeling hopelessness. Holden showed symptoms like thoughts of death like when he was crossing the street because he didn't think that he would make it across without him saying don't let me disappear Allie. Holden also didn't have any hope that he was going to live when he was walking trough that park when he was dunk and it was really cold outside. I do think that Holden shows singes of depression.

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