Gas Grenades Jack Oelke

The first gas grenades - French VS Germans

The French first used it to attack the Germans. It was a surprise attack and nobody knew how to defend it, little did the French know, the Germans were developing the exact same product, and threw it back. Nobody knows if the Germans did use it first, most people like to say French said it first. To WW1 - it made other people think that we are making further advances in technology.

How to Defend Gas Grenades

The canister gas mask was developed to protect the soldier from the use of chlorine gas and tearing agents such as xylyl bromide. The gas mask was first made to filter the air by keeping the oxygen coming in and then making the toxic gas, go out. The importance of this weapon is very important. Military Troops were given a lot of cotton to give resistance to the gas also.

Mustard Gas

Almost a odorless chemical gas, this light yellow fume was the next advance in gas technology. If made contact with the skin, can make instant rashes internally and externally in a matter of seconds. Protection against this gas made it really difficult, most soldiers had to change their attire.

How much gas is used in warfare?

By 1918 the use of poison grenades had became widespread. If the war had continued into 1919, both sides were planning on putting some sort of poison has into about 30 % - 50 % of shells. Most gas made and used is Chlorine, Mustard, and Phosgene.

Hitler used gas - Before WW2, one way he would kill Jews is to make them work hard and then "reward" them with a shower...... of gas. And then other times, they'd come off of a train and then go straight into the chambers.


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