The Pangolin By: Matthew Grigoratos & Grant Rogers

Curve Logistic Growth Graph

Pangolins are found in Africa south of the Sahara Desert. The period of slow growth in the beginning is due to a massive drought in their natural habitat. Because of the drought, the babies being born aren't living very long. This also means less babies are living very long. All of this means the population grows very slowly. During the time of rapid growth (halfway along the graph) there was a surplus of ants and termites, which are a majority of the pangolin's diet. Pangolins are immigrated and emigrated, but not by choice. Being incredibly endangered, pangolins are often brought into sanctuaries and rehabilitation center in countries like Cambodia.

Frequent drought in their native land of Africa greatly affects the pangolin population. Not having access to water lowers their life expectancy. Their habitat is also greatly disrupted by illegal animal trafficking and poaching.

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