plates boundaries by ben k

convergent boundary continential

.the plate motion is,they join together or come together

some forms of this motion are mountains continental crust lithosphere asthenosphere.the type giving from this motion is compressed as it moves together

a very known land form is known as mount everest the date doesn't really say,it is located in the Himalayas

pic of everst
pic of everest


TYPE OF TENSION:the divergent boundary works opposite of the convergent separating instead of joining together

Types of landforms:Oceanic\ mid ocean ridge volcanoes creating new crust\continental:continental rift faults

an example could be east african rift and moved part millions of year ago

hers a pic of it
and a map version of it

Transform boundary

Transform boundary is unique and moves up and down with a type of shear stresss

some types of land forms are\transform fault continental crust lithosphere

a good example of transform boundary could be san Andreas fault there know proper dat but it moving caused a huge gap

heres a nice pic of it
and another good pic


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