DTC #57: The Adventuerers' Club Hidden gems come in all shapes, sizes and secret societies.





Make your first steps into a world unlike anything else in L.A. where you’ll immediately want to become a member.

Grab a drink and download what just happened at a local modern enclave.

The Adventurers’ Club has been active since 1921 with locations in New York, London, Oslo, Chicago and more. Only those who have a attained a particular reputation in military, science, or arts are eligible for membership. However guests are always welcomed every Thursday.
Stop 1

Meet the Adventurers’

• 6:45pm until the meeting is adjourned •

You easily pass the unmarked door at 2433 N. Broadway in Lincoln Heights. As the evenings regular post work traffic buzzes by and friends head to their happy hour of choice you question whether this is the right spot...

Keys to the Stop

  • Tickets to the Thursday night dinners are $25/person. You can purchase these on their website or just pay the bartender, Martin Bloom(pictured) $25 cash when you get there.
  • The schedule is as follows: Social Hour: 6-7pm, Dinner: 7-8pm, and Presentation: 8-10pm. Arriving at 6:45pm will give you enough time to soak it in, grab a drink, and get a little tour before dinner.
  • As you could deduce this spot is a cash only bar. Beers are $3, wine $4, other cocktails $5. Really though you want to just give these guys all your money they are so classic.
  • The presentations vary, we caught an ex CIA operative tell us a story of a real take down in Germany circa 1990. The schedule of events will give you a background into who is presenting.
  • Unfortunately as this is a gentleman’s club most nights are men only but they do have ladies nights on the docket.
Stop 2

Download after meeting the adventurers’

• post Adventurers' Club •

As you walk down Broadway you can’t help but laugh at the incredible quantum leap you took from the old school world of the Adventurers’ Club...

Keys to the Stop

  • The spot has been open for a little over a year, with a killer food and wine & beer program.
  • The “buy a friend” wall not as long. The pro move is to park over near the bar and walk in before going to Stop 1 and buy your friend a beer ;)
  • The beer/wine list is somewhat extensive so you can opt to grab your pal a $7, $8, or $9 drink.


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