Flakka By: Tori Mack and tom Parsons

Table of Contents:

  • History of Flakka
  • Short term and Long term effects
  • Influences on a person's behavior/relationships
  • How to get help/treatment
  • Facts about flakka

History of Flakka...

Flakka ("Devil's Drug", "zombie drug", alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone) is a designer drug that can be snorted, smoked, injected or swallowed. This drug causes users to act insane and make them act out in bouts of violence. It makes people have delusions, hallucinations, intense confusion etc. As you can see in this video, this drug can make people do all kinds of crazy stuff such as: climbing on top of vehicles, running into vehicles, go naked in public, scream and much more.

Flakka has efficiently made its way over to Florida where it's being the most used in any other state. China is a big supplier of this drug and ships packages of flakka from Hong Kong. According to independent reporters who have traveled to China, they have witnessed a drug facility in Shanghai where all synthetic drugs are located such as flakka. Apparently, China has been producing synthetic drugs for at least 7 years. To sell this type of drug and get away with it successfully, China has developed a way to make it legal to ship flakka over the world and even sold on the internet.

Flakka being packaged in China

Flakka appears to look like crystals and it is found in the khat plant (which is most commonly chewed in the Middle East and Africa). Flakka comes from the plant and somehow forms small white crystals almost similar to the look of rock candy. The only ingredient that is found in flakka is something called, alpha-PVP. This was a popular stimulant that was most commonly used back in the 1960s. This ingredient has been manufactured in pharmaceutical plants and has been shipped all over the world. By itself, it is extremely cheap.

Flakka can be uses in many different types of ways such as: snorted, smoked, injected, vaped or swallowed. The most common way to use this drug would be to vape it. Users would put the flakka in a vaping pen and just breath in the vapor. Vaping is more dangerous than doing any other way that has been listed. Doing this can increase and amplify the drug's side effects to have a greater effect on the person.
User vaping flakka

Short term and Long term effects of flakka:

Short term: Once the drug kicks into a users body, in seconds, the person would feel euphoric sensations, have a rapid heart rate and palpitations and also have aggressive behavior. The user immediately feels like doing the most ridiculous things and feel like they are on top of the world due to the increased energy they have in their body and also their crazy state of mind.

People on flakka

Long term: Flakka has been known to make a person feel the way they feel for so long, but it can cause damage to the body. Kidney failure and depression, and death have been detected from this drug even after the first time taking it. You would think a person's mind might be messed up after using it, but no one knows exactly what it can do to the brain in long term.

Influences on a person's behavior/relationships....

Flakka can cause a whole bunch of issues with urself and the people around you

Users of flakka get addicted and once they get addicted, they end up in debt and often homeless. Just like any other addict that is addicted to a drug, they can often be in denial since they become so dependent on the drug. For those that are addicted and do have a job/career, they often might be late to work often, irritability towards co-workers etc. and that can put them at risk for losing their job. Although if might have total control over a person, it can affect everyone that are very close to the user such as family and friends. As for family and friends, some ignore the signs of the addiction and feel helpless or they often get mad at the person using the drug along with their addiction and how they act. That generally makes family members/friends distant from the person and it automatically cuts off their relationship with them.

Treatment.....There are many ways to get treatment for a person addicted to this drug such as:

  • Rehabilitation---> the patient could either staying in the treatment facility or they could still be able to live at home, and still seek the care they need.
  • Therapy Counseling----> many people join groups and can discuss issues they have to cope or join an abstinence program
  • Pharmacological Treatment-----> This is extra care that a person takes to be on watch to reduce cravings and treat symptoms

Facts about flakka...

  • So affordable---> costs as lows as $5 a dose
  • China, Pakistan, and India are the main suppliers
  • Alpha- PVP use went from 0-190 people using it in 2014
  • police have seen 275 cases of people on flakka in 2015
  • The drug name "flakka" can be associated with a famous hip-hop/rap artist, Waka Flocka Flame

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