The Renaissance By carlos

Marco Polo and the silk road

Italian trade cities

Florence,genoa,venice, and Milan are important because the ships that pass by can stop to refuel on food or supplies and drop off merchandise or other goods. The location of these cities allowed them to travel threw the rivers that run threw the cities. Boats from other cities could go threw the cities and.

The Medici family

The medicis got a lot of money from banking so they hired great artists to make their city beautiful.

RediscoveRing the past

Greek and roman ideas helped shape the renaissance because there art is very lifelike and inspiring. The romans have very nice authentic art. Some artists were inspired by Greek and Roman art. The Greek and Roman art inspired many artists and they got all there ideas from them.

This is one of the many huge buildings in Rome.It is very detailed.

This is the top of another detailed meusium.

Leonardo da vincI

Leonardo da Vinci was a great man and still is he was a painter and a biologist. No one had really thought he was a genius back then but he is was and will be forever. No one really understood his writting because he wrote in Italian and everyone else wrote in Latin. His imagination was great.


This is a video featuring Michelangelo's art. He was such a great artist that if our artist now tried to copy them it would take that artis a couple of times to try and copy it.

Paper and printing

This is the printing press they used blocks with letters on them to print books faster.


Shakespeare's writing shaped humanism because he created his own words and wrote in English which is different and it made him better. His writing also attracted so many people because everyone could watch his plays. (Holt 317) he wrote over 30 tragedies,sonics. His writing was heart and mind opening.

Renissance wrIting

Shakespeare writing reflected the idea of humanism because he inspired people to be something in life. His writing attracted such a great audience because his writing was inspiring.

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