6 Word Memoir By Annika Klassen

Sir Francis Bacon

"Science is the key to life." ~Bacon

"Observation of power is supreme value." ~Bacon

Thomas Hobbes

"Passion, not reason, governs their behavior" ~Hobbes

"One person, great multitude, mutual covenants." ~Hobbes

Rene Descartes

"Truths are deduced through logical reasoning." ~Descartes

"Incontrovertible truth...first principle of philosophy." ~Descartes

John Locke

"Rights of life, liberty, and property" ~Locke

"Power has its orgin from compact." ~Locke


"Common sense is not so common" ~Voltaire

"Tolerance has never brought civil war." ~Voltaire

Jean Rousseau

"So mind and body work together." ~Rousseau

"Nature, not man, is his schoolmaster." ~Rousseau

Thomas Paine

"Hope for happiness beyond this life." ~Paine

"Man's perpetually in contradiction with himself." ~Paine

I think that the reason that we are still in awe 300 years later is these wise men talk about some very important topics in our history that intrigue us. We like to know how people thought back then and what the different veiws of the world were. On the contrary, another thing to learn from them is that sometimes they argue and converse over things that our world is still struggling with today and that amazes me.

The river of life flows...on ~Annika Klassen


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