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Welcome to MyFototours.de - the Life Photography website of Thomas Roch

I am taking pictures for more than 30 years now - admittedly with changing enthusiam, and strongly depending on the environments I have access to with my camera. My strongest period was certainly the time I spent in Asia - the overwhelming amount of new impressions made me shoot thousands of pictures. But often enough less exciting situations create an interest as well, I prefer however the day to day life shots, while studios, lots of technical set-up, sometime even a tripod is too much... but have a look yourself

The Latest: May 2018

A real adventure: our first vacation together on a motorbike. We are rather cautious and plan to travel to Provence in three days. We have rented a small flat in Lorgues a beautiful town in Provence. And we enjoy a phantastic holiday in a pittoresque environment - and besides a few thunderstorms (wetting us quite heavily) even the weather is great. And honestly: Provence is a great place to be - not only on a motorbike.

Asia - a passion

Living four years in SouthEast Asia creates a passion for this amazing and colorful piece of the world. And an almost uncountable amount of pictures: Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, Malaysia are great places for photographers even if you only spent a few days in one of these colorful countries

The Archive: a chronologic view

You want to see everything nicely sorted? In my archive you will find my complete photosessions sorted by years - which is not at all as dusty as it sounds. Have fun exploring it!

The Blog: making of

The story behind the prictures: read what happened, how I got there, what inspired me and who was around with me in my Blog. Unfortunately, starting 2015 only..

The photographer: a short Bio

Who is this guy behind the camera? How did he get into photography and which gadgets does he use? Don't panic it is not a full biography about my boring life, just a brief summary.

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