Hispanic Alumni of Notre Dame Newsletter - Fall 2018

"All human beings are our brothers and sisters, all are our neighbors especially when in need. It matters not whether they are black or white, red or yellow, men or women, Eastern or Western, Northern or Southern, young or old, intelligent or dull, good or bad, attractive or repulsive. I believe that since we are all created in the image of God, I cannot love God without loving and serving them as best I can."

Fr. Hesburgh


Welcome to the Fall 2018 Edition of the Hispanic Alumni of Notre Dame newsletter. We hope you have enjoyed receiving news from us as much as we have enjoyed presenting it to you and also receiving updates from you about where you are and what you are doing. Join us as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Dia de Los Muertos and all the amazing facets of our students, faculty and alumni. We have had an eventful year with lots of exciting news to share with you including the implementation of Irish Compass, the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Institute for Latino Studies, student admission updates and recognition of all the great things our alumni are doing. We encourage you to get in involved with your local ND club to enrich our network of family and friends and to support current and incoming students of Notre Dame. Disfruta! Go Irish! Stay connected, email us somosnd@alumni.nd.edu.

Hispanic Alumni Meet with Leonor L. Wangensteen, First Year Advisor and Director of FYS Undocumented Student Initiatives

During the September meeting, the HA of ND board met with several campus offices and individuals, including Leonor Wangensteen, ND ‘03, ‘09 M.A.. Here’s what we learned about support, resources, and possible needs for the undocumented/DACA student population on campus. Although not all undocumented/DACA students are Hispanic, these issues affect the campus climate for all students, especially those of a diverse background. Read more...

Student Recruitment and Enrollment

The following data was shared by Don Bishop, Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Enrollment.

Dr. Luis Fraga and HA of ND at the Institute for Latino Studies

Did you know?

Thanks to the Institute for Latino Studies (ILS), we are able to trace the history of Latinos on campus. In 1864, Alexandro Perea of New Mexico became the first Spanish-surnamed student to enroll at the University. HA of ND is a proud supporter of ILS. Established in 1999, the institute continues the legacy of Dr. Julian Samora by fostering the understanding of the U.S. Latino experience. Led by Dr. Luis Fraga and his staff, they are preparing tomorrow’s future Latinx leaders through research, education, and overall community support. For more information on ILS, please visit https://latinostudies.nd.edu/


This section is intended to identify and recognize individuals for their accomplishments, awards, new jobs, etc. Send updates about yourself or your Notre Dame friends to ha.alumnirelations@alumni.nd.edu.

  • íÓrale! To Crystal Martinez ‘03 ‘05 who is the new Director of Federal Education Policy for the University of California System.
  • íÓrale! To Desiree Zamora Garcia ‘08 who is now a Product Designer for Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. She was also featured as one of Reach Mama Network’s Top Working Moms of Color in Tech in 2018.
  • íÓrale! To Cris Saldana ‘00 who accepted the position of an assistant principal at Pflugerville High School in Pflugerville, TX.
  • íÓrale! Fr. Pat Neary was appointed pastor of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Portland, OR.
  • íÓrale! To Dr. Felisha Rohan-Minjares ‘00 who was named as assistant dean for the University of New Mexico Medical School in June 2018.
  • íÓrale! To Jennifer Schwarzkopf ‘99 who was awarded the opportunity to paint in a public art project in Madison, WI. Click here to view her work.
  • íÓrale! To Bryce Ramos ‘09 ‘10 for his work in the beauty industry as a marketer and product creator for Essie nail products. His launches have earned him the prestigious Cosmetics Executive Women’s best product for three years in a row. (It’s like the Oscars of the beauty industry.)
Celebrate el Dia de los Muertos

Notre Dame clubs across the country are joining forces with the Hispanic Alumni of Notre Dame to celebrate life, friends, family, and faith this November 1-2. Your club can host a movie watch, a painting class, customize a FaithND prayer card, and share your activities on social media. Click here for fun ideas and all the resources you'll need to host your club event! Share your Dia de los Muertos experience with the ND community! Send your location and pictures to somosnd@alumni.nd.edu and tag photos your Dia de los Muertos celebrations with #somosnd on all of your social media channels.

Irish Compass

Are you looking for a mentor? Are you interested in mentoring others? Or are you looking for a job? Join Irish Compass to find a match. Use your LinkedIn account or ND alumni login. When we were on campus we had several students ask how they could connect and find mentors from our Hispanic Alumni, so this is a prime opportunity to help them. https://irishcompass.nd.edu/

Summer Service Learning Program

Adriana Frías and Juanita Alejandro took San Antonio SSLP student (Isabelle Hornung) out for some Texas BBQ.

The Center for Social Concerns’ Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP) places students in nonprofits, hospitals, parishes, schools, summer camps, and other community-based organizations for a summer experience working with a wide variety of populations. During the summer of 2018, there were 27 Hispanic students placed in cities throughout the United States. HA of ND contacted all 27 Hispanic students in the program and wished them well on their summer journey. HA of ND was able to connect students to alumni in the following cities: San Antonio, South Bend, El Paso, Chicago, Los Angeles, Chattanooga, La Porte, and Savannah. Special thanks to: Juanita Alejandro, Adriana Farias, Lucas Mendoza, Marisa Limon, Susan Galvan, Cristina Munoz, Marisa Villalobos, Jennifer Hammamoto, Charlie Gomez, Rebekah Wierson, Sylvia Pitcher, Peter Conrad Rodríguez, and Ian Hernandez

Cross-Cultural Leadership Program (CCLP)

Cross-Cultural Leadership Program students with Dr. Luis Fraga, Institute for Latino Studies

The Cross-Cultural Leadership Program (CCLP) engages students in real-world applications of their academic studies through summer service learning in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Students in this three-credit, eight-week summer course are immersed in community-based and national organizations. They engage in critical study related to their service learning in a class led by an ILS professor. Many thanks to alum Rocío Aguiñaga for being a mentor to these students in Chicago.

LSA Meeting - Fall Semester


HA of ND met with current students to learn more about campus life and to participate in a meeting of the Latino Student Alliance. The meeting was hosted at the beautiful and well resourced Duncan Student Center (ND Stadium addition). The meeting space was filled with music and the energy from students entering the room was a welcomed flashback to the good old days. What was true when we were students still holds true for students today...if you want to people to show up, serve good food! The LSA meeting was a full house. Topics discussed included: Coco movie watch, Latin Expressions, and the Latino Formal.

Get Involved with your local club

There are numerous opportunities for you to get involved as an alum. Connect with your local ND club leader to learn more. Many of the opportunities within a local club are available to alums that are appointed positions and not necessarily elected positions. Some opportunities include: Communications, Website, E-Mails & Social Media, ND Networking Events, Continuing Education & Hesburgh Lecture Series, Camaraderie, College Fairs, Current Students, Local Club Scholarship Committee, Parents of Current Students, Parents of Former Students, Summer Service Learning Program, Community Service, ND Women Connect, Catholic Spirituality, and many more. Find more information about your local club at my.nd.edu

ND Club of San Diego

ND vs Navy Game October 25-27, 2018

Welcome to San Diego! As the country's second largest Navy town, and home to more than 1,500 Notre Dame alumni, San Diego is a natural fit to host this year's game. Add to that our first-in-class craft beer industry, mouth-watering taco shops, and abundant sunshine ... we can't wait to share our home with you!!! Visit the site to learn more!

Martin Holguin - President | ND Club of San Diego


  • El Paso, TX Club President - Kristine Munoz-Glass '00
  • El Paso, TX Club Vice President - Jose Levario '99
  • Houston, TX Vice President - Ian Hernandez '97
  • Corpus Christi, TX President - John Garza '98
  • Dallas, TX President - Paul Roncal '05
  • San Antonio, TX President - Valerie Alonzo '96
  • San Antonio, TX Vice President - Juan Mata '97
  • Minnesota Vice President - Danny Rosas-Alvarez '09
  • Miami, FL President - Danny Yanez '08
  • San Diego, CA President - Martin Holguin MBA ‘14
The Grotto



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