DTC #70: Tandems Take Flight saddle up for a day in the sun discovering hidden oAses





Saddle up with an electric bike, or tandem, for your days adventure.

Snack on some fresh Peruvian bites outside at a "secret" spot.

Make some new friends of a feathery persuasion all while feeding them on your arm.

Relax with a freshly brewed pint and some bar games outside on a patio gem.

Amongst all the beautiful birds make sure to find Midori. A green parrot with the largest vocabulary in the bunch – she’ll dazzle you with perfectly mimicked fax machines and funny phrases.
Stop 1

choose your electric chariot

• 11:30am to 12pm •

Stop 1: Pedego Electric Bikes

The welcoming archways of The Cedros Avenue Design District greet you as you begin to rubberneck from art store to adorable café. Stepping inside the Pedego Bike Shop you will be greeted by none other than The Lord of Fun and his elderly Chihuahua, Chica. With a full afternoon of cruising, get yourself and your partner sized, serviced, and strapped in to the day’s vehicle: the electric tandem cruiser. After a few test runs you’ll be set up to rollout & win the day.

What to know...

  • This branch is owned by the "Lord of Fun and his chihuaha Chica. He is the man and super laid back but a reservation is highly encouraged, especially if you're looking at picking up the tandem.
  • The tandem will run you $30/hour or $90 for the entire day. If you go a solo electric bike it will cost $15-22/hour or $45-66/day.
Stop 2

Grab a refreshing brunch in a "secret" surrounding

• 12:30pm - 2pm •

Stop 2: Coya Peruvian Secret

As you traverse hilltops and dodge other fun loving cyclists, you’ll casually arrive at your destination: the ivy-laden Café Secret. Take a seat under the sidewalk pergola, as your respite from the road begins with freshly squeezed mimosas. Dig into their menu of ceviches and saltidos-galore. The “secret” here may be the effortlessness with which it takes to enjoy yourself prior to the food arriving. Then, a colorful display of fresh fish, indigenous veggies and mango salsas engulf your senses. Each bite sends you a kilometer closer to Peru, but you’re next stop is in a different direction.

What to know...

  • This is pure Peruvian cuisine at its finest. Check out the empanadas,mixto ceviche, lomito saltado and aji de gallina.
  • They have a liquor license so combine that with their fresh, like right then and there, juiced mimosas and bellinis.
  • Owners Bratzo and Daniella Basagoitia bring not only their Peruvian family food charm but also hospitality chops to a mini “hotel” in the back of the restaurant. Could be an option if you're looking to spend the night/have a few too many.
Stop 3

Make some new feathery friends

• 3pm to 4pm •

Stop 3: Free Flight Bird Sanctuary

Follow the echo of “Skwaaawk” as you turn for the next destination, Free Flight. Push open the gate to reveal a mini oasis of exotic birds scattered throughout a tropical oasis. After a lesson from the docent purchase a bowl of fruit from the “tiki bar.” Cautiously step from parrot to parrot gathering the courage to invite one on your arm; laughs and unsure moments are all part of the game. When that perfect Insta-photo has been captured, take a short ride to your final destination.

What to know...

  • Admission to the sanctuary is $7. They do take cards but only for the admission.
  • Make sure you have some cash on hand. When you arrive to the left is the "tiki bar" this is where you exchange a few bucks for a metal bowl of fruit. Exchange that fruit for some up close parrot action.
  • There will be volunteers walking around giving you the rundown for the birds, I highly suggest asking them for a brief tour. They'll know which birds are friendly, playful, or down right mean.
Stop 4

Grab a pint on the patio with some games and a view

• 4:30pm til you're ready to head home •

Stop 4: Viewpoint Brewery

Inside the warehouse of Viewpoint Brewery join the packed scene of locals, passing cyclists and various sun-worshippers sipping a brew. With beer flight in hand don’t get suckered into a normal place to sit, look around and make your way to the swings on the far patio. It’s your “private” floaty-seat—the perfect space to relax after a day’s ride. Before too long the hardest decision of the day is to return for another round or return the tandem, you decide.

What to know...

  • In a city known for it's breweries Viewpoint is surprisingly the first brewery in Del Mar and the first overlooking the San Dieguito Lagoon.
  • They have 20 beers on tap and an extensive/delicious food menu. Plus you can grab a 30 oz. Viewpoint growler for $30 and bring home the goods.
  • The space can get crowded on weekends with lots of biking crews making their way through the area. If space is tight make a right and score a spot outside by the grass, you cant go wrong.
  • If you're enjoying the scenery at Viewpoint Brewery make it last by buying a "Bird a Beer". For $5 your proceeds will go to the San Dieguito River Valley Conservatory and keep Viewpoint and actual view point.

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