100 Min to believing... 2016 Turkey Burn-100 min Les Mills Combat Marathon 24 Hour Fitness Arcadia Sport

The 2016 Turkey Burn was the 6th one organized by 24 Hour Fitness Group Exercise Instructor Maggie Chen and held at Arcadia Sport full basket ball court this year. Co-leading instructor Fiona Hwang taught side by side. The basket ball court was filled to capacity by 10 minutes after the start of the event and some hopeful participants could not gain entry due to space limitations.
Les Mills Combat was the format chosen for this Turkey Burn. Les Mils Combat remains a favorite choice for Indoor Cardio Marathons as the criteria of being a fiercely energetic workout also lends itself well to the inspiration that so many need to overcome holiday eating. Members like Tets, Marylin, and Fred give their all to do their best.
A well designed and user friendly workout, the masses love it and can do it. All fitness levels could move from punching to kicking.
Christine Marganian, front row, executes a nice round house kick and is roll model to many in her classes as well as here joining members as a participant this year. There were other instructors who came as participants on their own voluntary effort to encourage members through the holidays.
To move participants from one point to another requires that they grow in self efficacy. Members Wanvisa, Jordan (also instructor), and Jocelyn concentrate to seek out the best of themselves as challenges were called out by instructors Maggie Chen and Fiona Hwang. A sense of being able to meet the challenges raised the sense that they are capable.
As members start to work harder, smiles start to show. Member Rena smiles as she realizes the feeling in her legs is not going away and its just the start of the marathon.
Members rise to the occasion as each track of work provides more and more challenges. They kick on and on, believing they can make it to the end of 100 minutes.
Full court basket ball court getting more filled as the event gets underway.
Combat is both challenging for the beginner as well as these two more advanced level participants who weren't afraid to push themselves!
Instructors came all around as far as an hour away to support the mass event to mobilize members toward more healthy choices during the holiday.
Unafraid to be who they are, these members punch and own their workouts during the marathon and through out the year in classes.
Fitness encompasses so many aspects of well being. Body Combat is a format that proved to deliver. Members are pushed in the arenas of not only strength, speed, agility, stamina but also flexibility and balance as seen here during a Kung Fu track.
Working next to each other does not a community make. We go beyond turning on the treadmill next to another and doing our cardio duty. Our group exercise classes are also about the breaking down of walls. Our Burn events are just a celebration of all this at the end of the year.
Front row were instructors who really exemplified fitness.
Anyone can do Combat. It matters not the age, current skill.
All it takes is believing first, showing up and staying consist
Combat's theme of "...staying with the fight" speaks volumes to our fight to stay as healthy as possible. In the current climate of obesity in our country, this tagline is inspiration to believe changing toward better health and future is possible.
The sayings on these two T-shirts say polar opposites however, these two members, Jocelyn and Pantip are some of the hardest working members in classes. They share this common denomenator and as members find the common ground a community gets formed.
A brand new participant to Combat starts her first day during the TURKEY BURN. Here she is following Jordan.
100 minutes when done together as community doesn't feel like a marathon!
Lots of high fives all around on Turkey Burn day!
The group follows along as Instructor Maggie Chen and Fiona push them toward high intensity intervals.
Our Turkey Burn is always a way to stay connect of members. Here Maria on the left had lost 60 lbs. previously. Turkey Burns are a way for Maria to work toward something in the month of November but also for us to check in to ensure she has continued on.
This member drove from Orange County to attend the Turkey Burn in Arcadia!!
They consider what kicks they will do for the kicking contest.
In the final 10 minutes, our kicking contest is underway!
Freestyle kick contests!
Members continue to have fun around the free style kicking contest.
We hold these challenges so members can see what their potential is s
Fiona helps members get ready for their different challenges
winners of the Kick and push up contests!

Thank you to so many who attended the 2016 Turkey Burn!! A personal thanks from Maggie Chen to member Jocelyn Sherman who helped with Social Media, to Co-instructor Fiona Hwang for being willing to co-teach, to FlashnBurnphotography.com to fine photography services, to Maria Tabler (Group Exercise Management) for allowing a special free event to members and non-members.

Find more, go to facebook.com/gssburn or facebook.com/Maggie4fitness

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