Open house portfolio Charles spadaro

We use these Keyboard to work with as our tool in video
Imove is one of our Great tools we use and amazing computer software to upload pictures and Video's
The Video camera is one of the main tools we use in Video to film and create films for our assignments and Youtube.
One of the Assignments we have done was the Shots and Angles. This is an Example of a Establishing shot.
This is a other great example of shots and angles also. This is called over the shoulder shot.
Youtube is a website we use to post our videos to the web and social media as well Google classroom
Google classroom is where we post our assignments or get our group projects from by Erik Waage.

Thank you for watching this Presentation.


Created with images by - "keyboard" • Sean MacEntee - "apple keyboard" • yto - "iMovie 10 screenshot" • PublicDomainPictures - "camcorder camera digital" • Pexels - "arch architecture building" • russteaches - "Over the Shoulder" • renaissancechambara - "youtube JPG" • Wesley Fryer - "Intro to Google Classroom"

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