Haymitch Abernathy felipe gomes 8-1 c

A song I would listen to is Drunk on a Plane. I would listen to it because it's about getting drunk on a plane and I get drunk almost everyday. Also if i went on a plane i would get drunk probably so I would listen to that song.

Hello my name is Haymitch Abernathy, I am a 41 year old dude who mentors Peeta and Katniss in the Quarter Quell. I love to drink alcohol and sleep.I won the second Quarter Quell when I was only sixteen years old. I have been mentoring tributes for the past 23 years. I drink every day and I can’t stop drinking. I have no family left because President Snow killed them.

When Katniss woke up and entered the room for the first time since we rescued her. I was very annoyed and had to explain everything that happened to her. Then she doesn’t believe me and cuts my face with her nails. I couldn’t do anything so we kept on yelling at each other until she was taken away.

I have really good skills with a knife.My favorite things are to drink and get drunk. I also love to sleep most of the time.


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