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"Just Do It"

by Jek Villa

One significant change that happened for the past year was the implementing of K-12 program. One change that it did to our school was, instead of having the sections arranged by alphabet, A being honors section and B, M, O being semi-honors, there was a division that happened. There is now a Junior High School (Grade7-10) and Senior High School (Grade11-12). The grade 12 remained untouched, still having their alphabetically arranged sections and still having the same classmates. The grade 11, on the other hand, had their batch divided into four strands, namely Humanities and Social Sciences(HUMMS), Accountancy, Business and Management(ABM), Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM), and General Academics(GA). For this article, I will mainly focus on the GA strand.

According to research, GA strand is stereotyped as “patapon” and “hanggang sports lang”. The “patapon” stereotype is not entirely true for the whole batch. This stereotype was brought up because there are students in the GA strand who are known in the batch as “patapon”, “puro sanction”, “bagsak”. This stereotype is also brought about because GA is known to be a strand for the undecided and for not really having a specialized field, therefore people come up with these stereotypes. For the stereotype “hanggang sports lang”, this stereotype is not really a bad one. If this is what the GA strand is known for, then we’ll show others that this is what builds us GA students, that being good in sports also plays a role in the Ateneo Senior Highschool.

Speaking of GA excelling in sports, what are these sports that GA students excel in? There’s taekwondo, basketball, table tennis, chess, football and there many other extra-curricular activities that GA students excel in. First, for taekwondo, the new students are winning competitions and bringing in the medals. For table tennis, the team also won their last competition and same goes with the chess team. For the basketball team, both UAAP and MMBL are consistently winning tournaments and their games.

As you can see these achievements in sports are not just nothing. These achievements bring pride to the school. These achievements and all other achievements that were not mentioned builds the Senior Highschool, more particularly, if these achievements involve GA students, then it brings great joy to our strand. These achievements that involve GA students proves that our strand is unique in some aspect.

"Strand Stereotypes"

by Cube Tolentino

There are many stereotypes about the GA strand more known as the General Academics strand. There is a particular stereotype that I would like to talk about. It is the stereotype that the GA strand is the “least useful strand”. I would like to talk about this stereotype because I think it is not true that the GA strand is the most useless. I think the GA strand is equal with other strands. I think the GA strand is equal with other strands because the lessons that the GA students study and learn are also as important as the lessons of other strands. The lessons that the GA students learn will not be put to waste when they decide on what course they would like to take in college. Whether it be engineering, chemistry or something else, they will still get to use the skills they’ve learned in the past. The GA students will also have the most advantage when it comes to figuring out what they want to take in college because they have had experience with the basics of most courses like Statistics and Probability, Chemistry, Physics and more. Unlike other strands they have specialized subjects for a certain course in college. Students from other strands will have a hard time when they change their mind when it’s time to pick a course especially when the course they want to pick is not related to what they studied during senior high school. It gives students from specialized strands, who suddenly have a change of heart, have a hard time because what they studied in high school goes to waste. That’s our advantage as GA students since we get most of the subjects required for most courses for college.

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