Ancient Africa Dominique Hall


Facts about Ancient Ghana ///Fact one: Ghana was located in west Africa/// Fact two:Ghana practiced Islam //Fact three:They traded slaves and used them to get across the Sahara//Fact four: To trad the people of Ghana used silent trade//Fact Five:The things they traded from Ghana is gold,salt,And cotton just to name a few/Fact six: Ghana collapsed in the 1200s

Ghana Historical west Africa.Britnaical graden

Facts about Mali.// Fact one: Mali was very a good area for farming. Fact two: Mali was next to the Nile.Fact three: Mali practiced Islam//Fact Four: they traded gold and salt salt just like Ghana.//Fact Five:Mali had so much gold the price in gold went down all around the world.//Fact six: Mali most famous leader was Mansa Musa is was so famous because he lead Mali to the height of their power.
Mansa Musa
Facts about Songhai. Fact One:Songhai is located on the Nile and south of the Sahara//Fact Two:They practiced Islam.Fact Three:They had slaves to help them gold and salt across the .//Fact four: their most famous leader was Askia Muhammad who brought them to the height of their power.//Fact Five:Their culture is a blend of West Africa and Islam//Fact Six:Their is no Songhai Today
Askia Muhammad
Facts about Zimbabwe//Fact One:Central Africa??Fact Two: A tropical rain Forest//Fact Three: They practiced Chrisanty//They made all their wall all round//Fact Four:They were made out of stone//:Fact Five:They were regular people of Africa//Fact six:Now Zimbabwe is in the south

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