The Three Basic Questions Daniel Medrano

WHAT to produce?

The question is which production should society put most of its resources in. Is it in military equipment?

What about stuff like Clothing..,


Or food? If a decision is chosen, an other question is mad, how much of the limited resources will be needed and who should it be used on.

HOW to Produce?

The big question is rather or not that factory owners should have more equipment and use few workers or less equipment and more workers. Even though both these options are good for either a place with a high rate of unemployed people or mass production methods in countries where machinery and equipment are widely available can offer lower the cost, making items available to more people.

FOR WHOM to Produce?

Once the HOW and the WHAT questions have been answered its time to figure out who the produced items go to. For example if a product that has been produced that doesn't produce enough for everyone, a choice must be made as to who will receive the existing supply.

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