Using Personal Values to Set Short- and Long-Term Goals

For this activity, I created a list of core values and arranged them into three separate categories: Not-Important, Important, and Very Important.

My first set of core values.
My final three core values.

Adapting to better studying skills – My studying skills were never really great. I would study here and there on certain subjects throughout the weeks we had between each lesson, then cram as much as I could a few days leading up to the test. When I finally got to the day of the test, I could only do as little as possible with the information that I could retain. My plan of action for this is to study more frequently and set time out of each day to look over the material that I was taught in class that day.

Opening myself to new experiences – My most important core value in the Very Important category has been Purpose. Purpose in life is what I desire most out of life. I feel that the best way to find purpose in life is through new experiences that one can pick up and learn from.


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