Legacy, a kennel established by Evans and Tyus in the early 2000s. The two had consistent calaborations with breeding pitbull lines of sorrel, and Honey Bunch all through the 1990s. The two men bred for stout alwhile maintaining a breed with agility.

In 2009 Evans and Tyus founded a breed with Pebbles (damm) and Cuddy (sire). The match and their descendants have produced a average of 8 puppies a litter averaging 65lbs - 75lbs females, and 80lbs - 100lbs males. Pebbles is a brindle red,fawn, and white. Cuddy has a white base with large grey marking.

JR, Born in the first litter on
Angel, was born to Cuddy and Pebbles in the second litter.
BLUE was born to Cuddy and Pebbles in year ---- in 3rd litter.
The Jr and Angel connection.
Coacoa, female born to Jr (sire) and Angel (damm).
Bingo (sire) and Angel (damm) connection.

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