Montgomery Bus Boycott By: Jocelyn Vasquez


During the time of 1955 there was a lot of racism. All colored people, mainly african americans, weren't being treated equally, they weren't getting the same benefits as white folks and they weren't getting the same right, even though the only thing that made them all different is their skin color and culture.

The picture in the background shows people walking to work


On the evening of December 1st, 1955 a 42 year old black women named Rosa Parks, refused to give up her seat. That is how she started the protest named, Montgomery Bus Boycott. She refused to give up her seat because she was tired of being treated less than white people. Therefore when asked to give up her seat she said, "No, I have every right to stay where I am."

This picture shows Rosa Parks getting finger printed after being arrested.


Their plan was to boycott all city buses and protest on city streets in order to stop bus segregation. Since they were going to boycott the city buses, they would have to either walk to work or carpool. But before they could start the boycott, they needed to make sure all african americans were with it, They had to make sure everyone would boycott the city buses. It wouldn't work if it were only a group of people that was doing it. A majority of the buses passengers were african americans so if at one stop it was mostly african americans and a couple white folks, the bus wouldn't bother to go to that stop because it wouldn't be worth the trip to only pick up a couple of people. So in one way or another, everyone was affected by this boycott.

This is a Picture of Rosa parks with Martin Luther King Jr. in the background.

Modern Inequality

This event isn't exactly the same but it is very similar. On April 4th, 2017 Pepsi dropped a commercial with Kendall Jenner. The commercial had her carrying a Pepsi during a protest and she hands the officer a Pepsi and suddenly everything is fine. It was mocking a protester that got pepper sprayed. If only she was carrying a Pepsi on her.

This picture is sign that says "black Lives Matter" during a protest.

Ieshia Evans protesting in Baton Rouge in 2016.
Rosa Park statue in Washington D.C.

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