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All About Me

Hey I'm Adan Flores. I am from Berwyn and I attend to Freedom Middle School. I am in a traveling soccer team called Blazers FC. As you can see I like soccer a lot , I am very athletic too. I have two siblings , a boy and a girl. Yeah I know , one of each. Anyways, I also participate in my school's soccer team aka Freedom. I'm really into fitness and soccer and stuff like that. My favorite soccer team is Club América and Real Madrid CF. I put a lot of effort into school so I can receive a good education.


The holocaust was a terrible, sad time of where Germans had so much hate on Jews and blamed them for their problems. It was also the time where world war 2 occurred. It was the Jews darkest hours and terrible events happened.

Bill gates: the origin of pure genius

This podcast is about the things that were similar to the titans of industry. But , to the present time. The origin of pure genius, bill gates.

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Adan Flores


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