Good Life Nature Activity Ryan Daniel

Nature on Display

This exhibit captured my attention because it truly felt as if you were in a forest. It looked so realistic that I felt as if they simply cut a square area out of a forest and put it indoors. There were also animals hidden through the display that seemed as if they were watching you as you walked through the pathway. It was also amazing to see how many different types of plants/animals they were able to implement into this area. Without everything being listed and explained on a podium, I would not have truly understood the complexity of the area.

Nature and Ethics

While this photo is blurry, I thought this exhibit helped promote the idea of Nature and Ethics. I believe the Native Americans are the best example of being able to “love, respect, and admire” the land. I felt as if I connected with this as I was going through the museum. Seeing all the different forms of life that used to be around/all the forms of life that are still currently around was eye opening. I left the museum with a greater appreciation for nature and want to protect/enjoy what we have before it is gone.

Nature and Human Spirit

I was able to recognize the mystery and majesty of the Universe with the Dinosaur exhibits that FLMNH had. This museum was able to make me step out of my life and realize just how big these animals used to be. You can read/watch videos on Dinosaurs all the time but you will not understand the true size of this animal until you can see it yourself in person. It is hard to believe that something so large used to roam this earth freely. This made me appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world we live in.

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