Who's on Drugs Dwayne Phillips

Dwayne Phillips is a 16 year old boy who goes to Gerald George high school in Chicago. He started heroin when he was 14 two years ago.
The way it happened was a kid walked up to him in school and wanted to be friends Dwayne accepted and they did everything together. They did bad things like pranking people and they did drugs.
First it started off with cocaine and then they wanted to try something else. They found out that heroin is a drug that would ensure they had more fun in life.
Once they tried it they couldn’t stop taking it over and over again because they took this drug so many times during the day that Dwayne’s friend passed out. Dwayne was so high that he never realized what was happening so he never called 911. Four hours had passed and Dwayne had tried to wake his friend up but he was unresponsive. Dwayne immediately called 911 but when the paramedics got there his friend was pronounced dead.
Ever since that day Dwayne has just taken drugs to try and fix the stress that he dealt with everyday. Dwayne’s mom forced him to get a job because his mom kept on giving him lunch money that he would only use on getting drugs.
He got a job at McDonald's and he worked everyday. Some Days he would skip school just to work so he could get more money for heroin. A couple of months had passed and Dwayne’s life just got worse. His mom left him and his dad did not care about him at all. His girlfriend found about his addiction and she dumped him and embarrassed him in front of a lot of kids.
Dwayne was so depressed that he dropped out of school and began to make the drug his life basically. Instead of going to his house to do the drugs he began to go to an alley so he could get alone time.
One day the police found Dwayne sitting in an alley scratching himself with a needle by his side they arrested him and he was brought to jail and his dad decided not to bail him out because he considered him a disgrace.
Dwayne was so sad that he had no one who could help that he decided to commit suicide. He did it that day in the prison cell with a rope No one could understand what was wrong they all just considered him as just one random heroin addict.


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