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Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night at the Museum), in Stuttgart, is an annual event where 80 museums galleries, cultural Institutions and other exciting and extraordinary exhibition venues have events that include exhibitions, concerts, performance art, boat trips on the Neckar River, theater performances, planetarium shows and more.

This year’s event will take place on Saturday, March 23rd.

Entry tickets includes public transit (S-Bahn, shuttle busses and U-Bahn) from 12 pm until am. Some shuttle busses will run until 4am.

Some museums have children’s programs that start at 4pm, but 7pm is when all museums and galleries open to start the event. Event ends at 2am.

Tickets can be purchased on line at https://www.lange-nacht.de. You can also see the city map to include shuttle buss routes and program information, on this website. Tickets can also be purchased at most museum box offices, before and on the night of the event. Ticket hotline: 0712 601 5444.

Tickets are €19 for adults, €4 for children (ages 6-14 years) and this year they are selling anniversary string backpacks for €8 each.

Stuttgart Girl Scouts that attend this event can purchase our Lange Nacht der Museen Patch from our neighborhood patch program. Please ask your troop leader about ordering this patch or email: stuttgartgirlscoutpatches@gmail.com

Anniversary backpack available for purchase!

Girl Scouts goes behind the scenes of Kelley Theatre

Story by: Ursula Werner, Special Events coordinator

….you got to move it move it….

Kelly Theatre on Panzer Kaserne has become a household name and is an integral part of the Stuttgart military community. Theater goers know the Box office, have waited in the lobby, got a drink at the bar before they went into the actual theater to watch the actors come on stage. Everyone has seen the curtain fall.

But unless you were part of the cast – and some Girl Scouts actually fall into that category – you had NO idea what is going on on the ‘other side’.

On February 9th Stuttgart Girl Scouts was to find that out. We learned that the actors had loads od little helpers, and we would find out where they are hiding out.

Who would have associated hundreds of cardboard boxes, Styrofoam and umpteen buckets of paint in all different colors with the theater? Turning these materials into mountains or steaks (as in Madagascar) was the set designer’s job. The costume designer had to pick, alter and accessorize clothes. There was everything from a plain white or blue sweatshirt to a fluffy-ruffly princess dress, and shoes galore! Cowboy hats, baseball caps and super-crazy very unique designs… and speaking of clothes…Did you know that a theater has an apron? That’s the part of the stage in front of the curtain.

We learned what ‘props’ were, such as the ‘food’ that always looks fresh yummy….and is Styrofoam and paint. Or all those dishes, cups, glasses, pots and pans.

We also learned that if it looks like a heavy metal suit of armor…it’s not!!! ...is painted plastic and super light. (don’t tell anybody…)

There are people all dressed in black that don’t want to be seen – or maybe shouldn’t - but are really important to change the set quickly, give instructions, work the lights and much more.

All actors, as well as the people behind the scenes and the musicians are awesome volunteers.

At the end of the tour Stuttgart Girl Scouts presented a Thank you Certificate and of course Girl Scout cookies to our friendly, patient and knowledgeable guides. Thank sooo much.

Extra Extra

Story and photos by:Erin Miller, Leader troop 514

Reily Nimrod (Cadette Troop 514) showed some incredible leadership skills while also braving public speaking to help change a school lunch policy of sitting only with your advisory. Reily has been fighting the school about the seating arrangements at lunch for a long time. She took a stand and wrote a petition, met with the Assistant Principle and the counselor and diplomatically was able to change the policy. She had to speak in front of the entire 7th grade at lunch, with no preparation, to explain the changes. If you see Reily around the school please let her know you appreciate her leadership and perseverance to change this policy.

Picture: Here is Reily sitting in between her fellow girl scouts on the train to KISC

Space Science Explorer Badge

Story and photos by:Lindsay Crocker, Co-leader troop 525

Did you know...100% of American women who have flown in space are Girl Scout alumnae!

The Daisies and Brownies in Troop 525 earned the Space Science Explorer Badges with the help of Dr. Laura Jones-Wilson. A Girl Scout alumnae and Systems Engineer with Europa Clipper Project, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL). Dr. Laura is the daughter of Mike and Robin Jones who graciously coordinated this virtual workshop.

Our Troop observed and investigated the universe like "real space scientists," learning about the sun, moon, and planets. The girls got to enjoy rocket fruit kabobs and a little token from NASA including pins, badges, stickers, toys and space ice cream.

The Scouts were extremely engaged and inspired. We may have some future NASA Aerospace Engineers!

Still Looking for Spring Break Ideas?

Are you still trying to figure out what to do with your Spring Break?Can’t take the whole week off but still want to do something meaningful with your kids? Join us for the Normandy BSA Camporee 11-14 April.

Stuttgart Girl Scouts has seven spots still available for Girl Scout and BSA families. We will camp for three nights, tour Mont St. Michel, a bell foundry, the German Cemetary, Utah Beach, St. Mere Eglise, Pointe Du Hoc, Omaha Beach and American Cemetary. Fees include bus and driver’s costs, tour guide, entry fees and BSA Camporee fees. (subtract $95 if you are registering for camporee with BSA) If you are interested or have questions contact me at nhodgess88@gmail.com. If you are looking to just send your Junior girl scout and above by themselves, this is possible. They will be linked with other solo girl scouts and supervised. Prices are below.

Adult total is $251 per adult

Child total 6-17 years $237 per child

Child total under 6 $231.50 per child

A Season of Lasts...

Story by: Natasha Hodges, photos courtesy of Troop 509

As we know in military communities we see girl scouts come and go. For the bonds to form as quickly as they do, is always an amazing thing for me to watch. My girls and I, have been a part of five councils, six service units and eleven troops. I have formed strong relationships with each one and have memories of countless girls that I have led, watched grow and transform. Each time I leave, I hope I have left a part of me with them, because I know I take a part of them with me.

February hit home to me as a season of lasts. Yes, my girls and I are moving on once again. Back to the council we have been a part of twice before. Back to the original troop that started us on this journey. This was our last cookie season and last WTD with this community. For my troop of Senior/ Ambassadors though, it is even more than just the last time we do these things together, It is the last time six of my girls will ever participate in these events as Girl Scouts, without Adult in front. I am so proud of them and all they have accomplished. Two have received their Gold Awards and one is finishing hers up. They are all set to go off to college prepared by school, their parents and yes, even this program.

For the younger girls out there who think maybe scouting isn’t cool enough to stay in, or it’s not fun anymore, remember, this is your program, you make it what you want it to be. Make sure your season of lasts takes you to graduation and be at the helm directing it. To my fellow leaders and parents, don’t let this be your season of lasts either, as frustrating as it can be, I could think of no better use of my time then the twelve years of service I have given to our girl scouts. When I left my first council the OCC whispered to me, "don’t stop," and I haven’t. When you focus on the girls and strive to create the program they want, your reward is tenfold. Not to mention the friendships formed with other leaders. If you are already involved and thinking of quitting, reconsider, if you are a parent I ask you to consider being more. Our community of Girl Scouts needs you. We need leaders, we need management team members. You can be involved as little or as much as you want, in the weeds or behind the scenes. Reach out to a fellow Adult Girl Scout for more information. Know, that your contribution means so much more to these girls then you will ever know.

So in these seasons of last, I will cherish my time with my troop and enjoy our last committee event, our last Lange Nacht der Museen, our last troop trip, our last Take Action project, our last badges, our last InterCamp and our last Bridging together.

Troop 509 in appreciation of all the support we have received from Stuttgart Community Spouses Club dedicate our last cookie season together, to them, and are using our donated cookie boxes to continue the SCSC Random Acts of Kindness initiative.

Special Thanks

Calling all parents/leaders and coleaders to nomiate outstanding leaders/coleaders and parent voluteers for the voluteer of excellence award. Please email Ursula Werner HERE with your nominations!

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